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As a leader in digital growth marketing, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of the latest industry trends, news, and best practices for the benefit of our clients. Check out our insights and learn from our unique perspective.

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Aug 18 2022

2022 Growth Marketing Report

As digital marketing moves faster, brands have to plan smarter to navigate this complex and ever-changing digital world. As such,…

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A Brave New World? What This Privacy-Focused Browser Means for Digital Marketing

Aug 08 2022

Brave is a privacy-first browser that offers users a secure internet browsing experience that does…

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Develop a Successful Link Building Campaign: Part 1

Aug 04 2022

Link building is the practice of promoting certain parts of your website to other webmasters,…

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B2B Brands: Start Using Creative To Stop Wasting Your Media Spend

Aug 03 2022

Why do B2B brands ignore creative strategy? It’s a troubling reality, especially considering creative accounts…

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How 3Q/DEPT’s Culture Accepts No Limits

Jul 25 2022

When DEPT and 3Q Digital joined forces earlier this year, there was a big focus…

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What Does It Mean To Accept No Limits? Part 1.

Jul 11 2022

One of our core values at 3Q/DEPT is to “Accept No Limits.” This is a…

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Q&A with Guest Speaker, Forrester’s Mike Proulx, on Separating Hype from Reality in the Metaverse

Jul 07 2022

Similar to the early days of the Internet, brands are both eager and wary about…

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Humans of 3Q: Pride Edition, Part 4

Jun 30 2022

At 3Q/DEPT, we know representation matters, and creating a psychologically safe environment where every individual…

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Advertising on Reddit? 3 Things Brands Need to Know

Jun 27 2022

Social media channels are incredibly popular with today’s consumers and are continuing to evolve on…

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Humans of 3Q: Pride Edition, Part 3

Jun 22 2022

The strategy team works with other internal teams in addition to clients to develop research…

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Humans of 3Q: Pride Edition, Part 2

Jun 15 2022

When Shelby isn’t leading paid social strategy for clients, she spends her time reading or…

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Fearless Marketing

with David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky founded 3Q Digital (which later became 3Q/DEPT) in 2008 to guide brands through the recession. Now, he’s teaming up with industry leaders and innovators to address the biggest questions and challenges of the time, starting with the current coronavirus pandemic. Welcome to Fearless Marketing.

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