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Data Science & Analytics

Intelligence and measurement capabilities are constantly evolving. You need a partner to provide the necessary expertise to stay ahead in this privacy-forward environment.

Smarter Strategies Begin with Actionable Data.

Mountains of raw data won’t do your business any good unless you have the tools and knowledge to glean intelligence from the data and use it to define strategy and fortify your measurement. By continuously validating and enhancing the richness and granularity of your data, you can use these insights to make smarter decisions that will drive your business forward. In the changing privacy landscape, enhancing data in a more privacy-centric manner is a sure-fire way to build and maintain trust among your customers.

Equally important is the evaluation of your brand and product/service performance across every channel in the entire user journey. If you’re investing in a full-funnel campaign but only looking at last-click attribution, you miss the critical role that upper- and mid-funnel channels play in introducing users to your brand – often even more than the channel that results in the conversion.


Comprehensive Measurement and Attribution.
Our measurement and attribution solutions properly set up your platforms, collect and integrate your data across multiple marketing channels, and extract the actionable insights necessary to improve outcomes and achieve top-line business objectives. When defined and executed properly, strategic measurement can help our clients get a single view of the value and opportunity from each channel investment to inform future decision-making and processes. Our measurement and attribution solutions include:

  • Data collection validation
  • Robust measurement plans
  • Holistic measurement framework
  • Incrementality and ROI testing
  • Media mix modeling & portfolio mix recommendations

Data-Driven Intelligence.

Our Data-Driven Intelligence solution provides deeper understanding of your audiences to more accurately build, segment, and target your ads, driving increased conversion rates, higher revenues, and reduced ad waste. Additionally, we integrate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-party data to unlock new audiences and growth opportunities. This will allow us to develop custom audiences and gain insights about the audience’s behavioral indices, attributes that make them unique and how they consume media. This exercise not only helps you to know your audience, but will also provide actionable insights as to how to reach audiences where they consume media. We use either a data management platform (DMP) or a customer data platform (CDP) to help us to not only synthesize 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data but also to activate audiences based on these analyses, all the while keeping in mind data privacy regulations (GDPR, CPRA, & PII guidelines). Our privacy forward approach ensures that the data loss is addressed with top of the line identity management solutions, thereby incorporating privacy in the design of our solutions. Data-Driven Intelligence solutions include:

  • Audience insights and discovery
  • Consumer segmentation and modeling
  • Behavioral segmentation and path analysis
  • Lookalike modeling
  • Audience targeting and exclusion
  • User flow analysis

Advanced Analytics.

Our advanced analytics techniques make fact-based predictions that help you more effectively meet customer needs, obtain higher-than expected benefit, and improve brand perception. We have mastered the automation and optimization of an increasing number of marketing decisions and processes to decrease overall cost per acquisition and improve your return on marketing investment. Our advanced analytics include:

  • Marginal CPA analysis
  • LTV modeling
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Next best product modeling
  • Scenario planning
  • Performance forecasting

We Geek Out on Tackling Your Biggest Data Challenges.

We can’t wait to start digging into your data. We want to know your goals, how you measure them, your source of truth, and your challenges. By analyzing this information from both a data availability and marketing technology perspective, we can strategize how to deliver the most useful output as we work through your wish list.

Our team not only analyzes data to provide insights, we also have the technical experience to implement solutions used to collect data and power insights.

Data Science & Analytics is just one of the services available in our End-to-End Digital programs.

Our Partnerships Drive Your Growth.

We’re constantly evaluating your data to work harder for you. Through our best-in-class partnerships, we have access to the right tools that keep you ahead of the competition. Meet some of our partners.


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