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As a leader in digital growth marketing, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of the latest industry trends, news, and best practices for the benefit of our clients. Check out our insights and learn from our unique perspective.

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Aug 18 2022

2022 Growth Marketing Report

As digital marketing moves faster, brands have to plan smarter to navigate this complex and ever-changing digital world. As such,…

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Setting the Record Straight: Growth Marketing vs. Growth Hacking

Nov 21 2022

Over the years, the terms “growth marketing” and “growth hacking” have evolved from buzzwords to…

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6 Ways Marketers Can Leverage Data During a Recession

Nov 21 2022

Brands that emerge from recessions ahead of their competition have the foresight to maintain their…

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Centering Humans and Culture: 3Q/DEPT’s Road from Intern to Full-Time – Greg Erickson

Nov 10 2022

In this new blog series, Centering Humans and Culture: Road from Intern to Full-time, we…

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Advertising During a Recession? Start with an Audit

Nov 08 2022

Recessions bring with them a slew of problems that the global economy must contend with….

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What If We Told You…Performance Marketing Isn’t Everything?

Oct 26 2022

In performance marketing, our goal is to achieve KPIs which often are related to revenue…

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3 Tips for Successful Advertising Creative

Oct 19 2022

Over the past few years, digital marketing investments have continued to grow by an average…

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The 6 Pillars That Contribute to the Growth Marketing Journey

Oct 06 2022

Metrics matter and the key to crafting an unshakable marketing strategy relies heavily on the…

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What Does it Mean to Accept No Limits? Part 2.

Sep 28 2022

As discussed in the first part of this series, one of our core values at…

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The Future of Paid Social: How to Measure Your Success

Sep 21 2022

With the release of iOS 16 expected in September 2022, marketers are scrambling to develop…

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Humans of 3Q/DEPT: Meet Sarah Nicoletti

Sep 15 2022

Sarah Nicoletti started as an entry-level Account Associate in 2018 and when she left 3Q/DEPT…

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Fearless Marketing

with David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky founded 3Q Digital (which later became 3Q/DEPT) in 2008 to guide brands through the recession. Now, he’s teaming up with industry leaders and innovators to address the biggest questions and challenges of the time, starting with the current coronavirus pandemic. Welcome to Fearless Marketing.

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