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Creative Design and Strategy

Captivate audiences with high-performing creative. Designed by humans, informed by data, and tested by experts.

Pioneering Pathways.

Empower performance with data-driven creative intelligence. Integrated digital marketing strategy breaks down data silos to share and apply strategic insights across channels, platforms, and audience segments. We process insights and demolish walls to make way for a more collaborative, holistic, and high-performing approach to digital marketing and advertising.

Ditch the losing strategy of ‘low quality in high quantity,’ and instead, collaborate with a team that is dedicated to high impact at an efficient cost.

We are digital natives who take a creative-first approach to unify your brand experience across all channels, platforms, devices, and audiences. We specialize in custom digital strategies and innovative technologies that produce eye-catching creative and deliver winning results. Best-in-class execution aligns your strategic goals with a careful, planned approach that is effective and efficient with your data, resources, and budget. Fortify your future as an industry leader with an agency partner like 3Q/DEPT.

3Q/DEPT specializes in full-service, data-fueled creative growth services. We provide brands with digital marketing and advertising creative strategy and planning, production and execution, optimization, and measurement. Our customized approach combines data, research, and creative ingenuity to unlock unique opportunities that power performance success.


Strategic Vision

Best-in-class creative starts with a great idea. Ideas become more powerful and most successful when paired with the strategic vision to watch them grow and evolve. Take the guesswork out of campaign performance with a focus on iterative testing, optimization, and expert analysis. We’ll take your long-term strategic vision and develop eye-catching creative that fully engages your target audience.

3Q/DEPT is an extension of your internal marketing team, a dedicated collaborator that perfects performance. Whether it’s a single-channel activation or omnichannel campaign, messaging, tone, and visuals are optimized for each platform to bring the digital brand experience to life. We work with the best and brightest, as your agency-of-record, project partner, or alongside other partners in your agency network.

Platform Expertise.

Knowledge, experience, and action build brand trust. Brands need to create community and meet consumers where they are across platforms, channels, and devices. We foster authentic connections between brands and consumers on Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and anywhere else consumers want to be. We provide consistent digital experiences that reflect your brand’s style, personality, and voice.

Driven by Data.

Creativity isn’t machine-made. In the right hands, performance-enhancing tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation can machine-optimize your data. We integrate data, technologies, and trends that fuel leading-edge solutions. Our goal is to maximize efficiencies through data-driven testing and learning practices and scale your campaign in real-time without sacrificing high-quality creative. We help you confidently deliver consistent digital omnichannel experiences that reflect your brand’s style, personality, and voice without sacrificing results. Our experts combine creative and strategic insights with innovative technologies to automate and perfect advertising campaigns through analysis, ideation, and optimization. These efficiencies and insights help us make better and faster decisions for your business.

Full-Service Creative.

Invest in creative that moves the needle. Carefully crafted and optimized for achievement, we maximize results across all channels and target audiences with our comprehensive services.

  • Data-Driven Creative
  • Ongoing Creative Guidance
  • Platform Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Performance Creative Experience
  • Integrated Brand Experience
  • Creative Execution
Services for Creative Execution include:
  • Omnichannel Production
  • Custom Creative Production
  • Modular and Studio Video Production
  • Creator and UGC Video
  • 2D Animation Production
  • Video Asset Optimization
  • Performance Banner Creation
  • Landing Pages
  • Photography

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Dedicated to High-Performance.

We bring an integrated, two-tiered approach that provides real-time responsiveness, cross-channel integration, and a consistent brand experience throughout the digital funnel. We relentlessly pursue opportunities to boost ad performance using technology and creativity. Build awareness and efficiently move consumers from consideration to conversion with our creative digital marketing services.

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