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Humans of 3Q: Pride Edition, Part 4

Published: June 30, 2022

Author: Phoebe Martell-Crawford

At 3Q/DEPT, we know representation matters, and creating a psychologically safe environment where every individual feels comfortable to be themselves is an on-going commitment. To wrap up our Humans of 3Q: Pride edition, meet Erin Mulrooney!

Erin Mulrooney (she/her), Senior Director, Programmatic Strategy

Erin Mulrooney posing for selfie with a sheep

Erin heads up the programmatic team in growth services, which handles everything from display to streaming audio/podcasts, online video, CTV, and even digital OOH. She’s lived in the Denver area since moving from Philly 4 years ago, and has completely embraced mountain life – skiing, hiking, paddle-boarding, everything outdoors! She is also passionate about animal rescue and volunteers at a farm sanctuary.

If you’re comfortable sharing, tell us about your coming out journey:

My coming out journey was pretty organic. Luckily, it was very easy for me to tell my family and friends that I was more attracted to an individual person vs. one particular gender identity.

Who inspires you? Why?

I’m very inspired by the younger LGBT folx. It’s already so hard to be a teenager, and seeing so many young people come out and advocate for themselves and others is so brave and gives me a lot of hope for the next queer generation!

How will you be celebrating Pride Month?

My wife and I actually chose to get married during Pride Month three years ago, so it’s an extra special time of the year for me. Besides that, I like to attend community events and bring attention to all the great queer-owned businesses to support locally here in the Denver metro area.

Erin and wife at alter on wedding day

What does Pride mean to you?

Togetherness. I remember being in New York City in 2015 for Pride right after the Supreme Court decision came down, and I’ve never felt such energy and electricity. It felt like so much work was finally being celebrated after so many years and hurdles were overcome by our queer elders, and I think people felt hope that momentum was building. Today, I think we see togetherness in dealing with both wins and losses that are happening in this country.

Of our 4 core values, ‘Accept No Limits,’ ‘Act for the Greater Good,’ ‘Be Inclusive,’ and ‘Own It,’ which resonates with you most and why?

Be Inclusive resonates strongly for me. I got my Masters in Women’s Studies, and then worked at the LGBT Center in Manhattan on research grants allocated to LGBT populations, and I think visibility and supporting people to feel safe in being their most authentic selves in any setting is critical to fostering strong relationships and understanding each other.

Inclusivity is an important piece to 3Q/DEPT’s identity. It means we strive to create spaces for everyone to feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. What has inclusivity at 3Q/DEPT, or a different work environment, looked like for you?

A few years ago, I worked in a pretty conservative corporate environment and there were a few ERGs, but not one for LGBT employees and allies. I worked with a co-worker and found a great executive sponsor and we launched a LGBTQ ERG just in time for Pride Month, and it was so great to not only see the community come together, but to also start advocating for policy changes at the HR level related to insurance and anti-discrimination. In my interview process at 3Q/DEPT, I immediately felt that inclusivity was a key value to the company, especially in my culture interview, and that I could continue living my values here.

Erin on top of mountain

What does it mean to have people show up as allies in a work environment?

Get curious! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk about experiences. I love when colleagues talk to me about LGBT-related topics in relation to people in their lives that are coming out or wanting to learn more about how to be involved in advocacy work. Another important part of being an ally is being able to recognize when colleagues may be affected by violence against members of the LGBT community or policy challenges, and offer support.

There are many amazing LGBTQIA+ organizations that are fighting for the rights of queer folk, but they can’t continue without funding. Are there any organizations you’d like to give a shout-out to?

Find local organizations to reach out to! LGBT centers, or queer youth centers are great to support and usually fly under the radar of the more mainstream orgs. Center Link is a good resource for finding local events and organizations near you.

Finally, do you have a favorite queer anthem?

I’ll take it back to Vogue by Madonna, which really brought mainstream attention to the house-ballroom culture in 1990 that had been an underground subculture of African-American and Latino LGBT communities.

Erin, wife, and dogs on wedding day

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