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What Does It Mean To Accept No Limits? Part 1.

Published: July 11, 2022

Author: Nick Herff

Accept No Limits

One of our core values at 3Q/DEPT is to “Accept No Limits.” This is a maxim that our employees commit to living by every single day when they join this agency, and it is a major reason why we have been able to build and maintain our position as a growth marketing industry leader for years now.

But it’s not only our employees who live out this value. That spirit of constant growth and improvement also extends to our impressive client base. We work for some of the best brands out there, and they are consistently demonstrating their commitment and enthusiasm for being better than they were the day before. This drive and passion for excellence leads to a competitive advantage and exceptional results.

Below, we call out several examples of clients who chose the path to growth and truly accepted no limits in their time working with 3Q/DEPT.

Framebridge provides consumers with bespoke, high-quality, and cost-efficient framing options. Attention to detail and personalized care is the hallmark of the brand and what drives its persistent growth.

Framebridge was looking to scale further, but were running into some challenges. They needed to think differently and find a cost-effective strategy to attract new customers, remain at the forefront of prospects’ minds, and also drive repeat business in the face of supply challenges and a significant increase in advertising costs.

To drive growth in spite of these issues, we recommended a new approach – branded content through influencers. This tactic would help Framebridge create authentic connections with their audience while simultaneously finding a way around the rising ad costs.

This resulted in a 121% increase in click through rates and a 7% decrease in cost per thousand impressions. It also led to a 14% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). Overall, this approach of influencer partnerships and branded content helped Framebridge drive year-over-year revenue increases of 66%.

Blurb is a unique book-making platform and creative community that enables people to create, publish, share, and sell a variety of types of high-quality photo books, trade books, magazines, and wall art. Their target audience consists of both those who want to create a personalized book on a one-off basis and “prosumers” – individuals who want to make one or more books to sell.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic, strong competition, and rising costs of ad keywords made it difficult for Blurb to reach new customers. They needed a new way to drive down customer acquisition costs while at the same time maximizing revenue from their prosumer audience. We worked with Blurb to identify a few ways they could achieve a truly sustainable, long-term approach. This included:

  • Initial campaign setup best practices
  • Updated tracking methods
  • Non-brand search campaigns

Our work led to some serious improvements for Blurb. Even though they lowered media spend by 17%, ROAS and new customer bookings both increased during the critical holiday shopping period. Blurb was blown away by this growth and wanted more – so we got to work again. By transitioning from single- to multi-keyword ad groups, Blurb’s revenue grew 77%. After we diversified their social media advertising, we were also able to grow ROAS by 88%.

World Finance
World Finance is a major loan provider that works closely with individuals across the United States to find solutions to help each of their customers achieve their unique financial goals. World Finance was looking for a way to generate additional leads below their target cost per acquisition (CPA) without sacrificing any quality in those leads. Our Growth Labs department conducted deep experimentation and found that Google Discovery campaigns would be highly effective in such a scenario.

After determining this, we implemented Discovery campaigns that were optimized through automated bidding solutions and data. We were able to proactively monitor web traffic and conversions, automate forecasting and scenario planning, and manage quality control. This advanced automation allowed our experts to spend additional time developing strategy and innovation initiatives to drive even more success.

This approach didn’t just generate more high-quality leads for World Finance and a 40% decrease in cost per lead, but it also led to more booked loans, a 45% reduction in cost per loan, and a 66% improvement in lead-to-loan ratio. Not only that, but we were even recognized by Google in their Premier Partner Awards for the incredible results we helped World Finance achieve.

Is your brand willing to accept no limits like these clients did and push past the obstacles holding you back? If so, reach out today and we’ll help you begin writing the next chapter in your story of success.

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