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Aug 18 2022

2022 Growth Marketing Report

As digital marketing moves faster, brands have to plan smarter to navigate this complex and ever-changing digital world. As such,…

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Spam Poetry Volume IV: An Impatient Woman Named Ruben

Aug 15 2007

Subject: Personal Message No. 904144151From: “Ruben Washburn” Date: Tue, August 14, 2007 1:10 pm Greetings!…

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Good Poker Players are Good Online Advertisers

Aug 13 2007

Not to brag, but I’m a pretty darn good poker player. If I enter a…

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Should I Accept a Job at Google?

Aug 12 2007

Just to set the record set – I do not have an offer from Google,…

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Why Isn’t Classmates.com Facebook?

Aug 09 2007

Facebook is all the rage these days in Silicon Valley. Every day I hear about…

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Search Engine Strategies: To Pay or Not to Pay

Aug 07 2007

I got an IM from a former colleague today asking me about whether it was…

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Spam Poetry Volume III: The Powerful Sultan

Aug 06 2007

Editor’s Note. This one is a little lewd so if you are offended by references…

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Is Yahoo Out-Nerding Google?

Aug 03 2007

Being a Google engineer in Silicon Valley is like being the star quarterback in high…

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I'm Going to Google Tomorrow – SNEEZE

Aug 01 2007

Tomorrow I’m going to the Googleplex for an all day training at something they call…

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Adteractive: A Marxist and Existentialist Viewpoint

Jul 30 2007

I was pleased to see that my post on ex-Adteractive employees going on to bigger…

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The Subtle Connection Between Ironing Clothes and Snow Skiing

Jul 24 2007

I got a new iron recently. It’s from a company called Rowenta and I think…

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Should Google Be Feeling More Lucky?

Jul 22 2007

I bet that 99.9% of the people reading this blog a) use Google at least…

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Is There Such a Thing as Quality Traffic from a Second Tier Search Engine?

Jul 19 2007

My rule of thumb in buying paid search ads is to buy ads on Google,…

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Fearless Marketing

with David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky founded 3Q Digital (which later became 3Q/DEPT) in 2008 to guide brands through the recession. Now, he’s teaming up with industry leaders and innovators to address the biggest questions and challenges of the time, starting with the current coronavirus pandemic. Welcome to Fearless Marketing.

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