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3Q/DEPT Presents

Unfair Marketing

This new comprehensive guide from 3Q/DEPT founder David Rodnitzky will help you drive growth marketing success by leveraging your company’s unique strengths

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about unfair marketing

Your company has an unfair advantage over the competition.

Are you leveraging it?

It could be proprietary data, or connections to influential people.

Maybe it’s your standout marketing expert who can run circles around others in the industry. No matter what your advantage is, you’re not alone in neglecting this superpower. In fact, most companies don’t know they have a particular advantage in the market; and if they do know, they don’t know how to use it.

In Unfair Marketing, 3Q/DEPT’s founder David Rodnitzky provides a comprehensive guide to help you reach your full marketing potential. Combining insight from more than twenty years of experience and stories of companies that have successfully leveraged their superpower, David shows you how to take your business to the next level by using the resources you already have.

To celebrate the release of Unfair Marketing, 3Q/DEPT is offering a limited amount of free copies*, so grab yours while you can!

*Hardcover and paperback versions are only available for U.S. shipping addresses. A free PDF version is available to all regardless of location.

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about the author

David Rodnitzky

David is the founder of 3Q Digital (later 3Q/DEPT), which he began in a coffee shop in Pacifica, CA, in 2008. During his tenure as CEO, he grew 3Q Digital to more than 300 employees in ten offices across three continents, managing more than $1.5B of media spend. Prior to 3Q Digital, David held senior marketing roles at several Silicon Valley companies, including Rentals.com, FindLaw, Adteractive, and Mercantila. He has a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Chicago and a juris doctor degree with honors from the University of Iowa College of Law. Visit 3Q/DEPT online at 3qdept.com.

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The Experts Agree

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Penny Pritzker

Former US Secretary of Commerce

David is a digital marketing pioneer and highly successful entrepreneur whom I have had the privilege of getting to know personally. His subject matter expertise and real-life experience as a successful founder make Unfair Marketing an extremely valuable resource for any business leader.

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Ron Schneiderman

CEO, AllTrails

If you read one book on digital marketing this year, read this one. David Rodnitzky and his crew at 3Q are synonymous with cutting-edge digital marketing. This book is full of best prac- tices and insider secrets that will immediately improve your marketing game.

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Larry Kim

CEO, MobileMonkey

I’ve been in online marketing for most of my career, and I’ve always had tremendous respect for David Rodnitzky and 3Q/DEPT. I wish this book had been around a few years sooner—it would have saved me a lot of time and a ton of money!

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Tami Bhaumik

VP Marketing, Roblox

In the wild and ever-changing world of digital marketing, it’s difficult for marketing leaders to constantly keep pace with new techniques and strategies. The expectations for ROI are constant, and savvy marketers need a digital marketing partner that they can trust. David knows his stuff and provides practical and relevant advice to keep marketers on the top of their game.

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Bob Guccione Jr.

Founder, SPIN, Gear, Wanderlust

David Rodnitzky is a genius. Not because he’s more complex than the rest of us (although he probably is), but because he thinks more clearly and simply about marketing than the rest of us! His book just makes perfect sense. Nothing is more useful than that.

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Frederick Vallaeys

CEO, Optmyzr

David Rodnitzky is a recognized leader in digital market- ing. Through his work with the world’s most innovative and demanding companies, he has pioneered many of the ROI- boosting best practices that savvy marketers worldwide use for their own campaigns.

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