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You're about to lose the majority of your Partner Category targeting!

Published: January 21, 2015

Author: Dennis Yu

Better create your ads now or lose access to the majority of PC targets, unless you are connected enough to be able to make requests.
Most people are not using partner category targeting because:
oCPM works so well– doing most of the heavy lifting.
-They’ve gotten into content marketing, driven by multiple custom audience and content combos, so no need for PC targeting.
-They’ve not found a need to dig into some of the advanced features of Power Editor
-They’re not big enough to use an Acxiom, DSP, or trading desk– need to spend $10K or more per month to get started.
Here is what Facebook has to say and the list of the targets that you’re going to lose on Tuesday, January 20th.

Starting Tuesday, January 20th, we will be updating Partner Categories that are publicly available to our advertisers in the US only. We are adding a number of new Partner Categories and we will be moving the less adopted and less accurate categories from “Public” to “By Request”.

Going forward, we will be working with our Data Partners and Sales teams to make sure we have the best performing, most requested, and most accurate Partner Categories available publicly for our advertisers and updating every quarter.

The goal of this update to make sure Facebook continues to provides our advertisers with the best and most accurate targeting capabilities that drives business results. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions.Majority of the Partner Categories that are moving from Public to By Request are because particular segments were not either being used by our advertisers or because the performance/accuracy below expectations.

Here are a few examples of what’s going away:

-Work > Job role > Students

-Work > Job role > Military

-Politics (US) > Senatorial Districts (All States)

-Politics (US) > Party affiliation > Registered Republicans
-Politics (US) > Party affiliation > Registered Democrats
-Politics (US) > Party affiliation > Independent voter
-Politics (US) > Congressional districts (All Districts)
-DLX Auto powered by Polk > Motorcycle > Owners
-Business > Type Of Business > Corporation

To view the full list, download it from here.

Facebook states that the feature is not going away, but will only be “by request”:

Please note that any campaign that is currently using a particular Partner Category that is moving from “Public” to “By Request” will not be impacted in terms of delivery, however any future campaigns will not be able to leverage the same Partner Category unless it is requested via the Data Partner Hotline.

Just a reminder that Facebook works with trusted data providers (such as Acxiom, Datalogix, and Epsilon) to bring third-party audience data onto the Facebook platform through Partner Categories.

Will you miss these Partner Categories when they’re gone, or will it be business as usual for your campaigns?

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