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If You're Doing Only Facebook Retargeting, Prepare to Get Left in the Dust

Published: March 2, 2015

Author: Dennis Yu

You’ve probably heard me say that smart social advertising is starting to look like paid marketing automation.
In other words, you’re sending micro-targeted messages via channels other than email, triggered by a user action. Thus, the most powerful of marketing automation techniques is retargeting, by this broader definition.
You’ve seen how custom audiences on Facebook are absolutely killer, whether by web or email. And you’ve probably gotten your Google remarketing going, placing the Google pixel alongside wherever your Facebook pixels live. Perhaps you’ve taken the next step to have Twitter and other 3rd-party retargeters in there, too.
This, of course, necessitates that you have a tag management solution like Google Tag Manager (free) to manage these pixels.
You might have seen that LinkedIn is going to launch a version of website custom audiences. So be ready for that, once they discover that their new managed ad buy services don’t work and move to self-serve.
That said, if you’re doing Facebook ads and find that they’re working, why are you leaving money on the table by not hitting other retargeting platforms?
We were in two calls this week with clients who said their customer base was on Facebook, but not Twitter.
Twitter didn’t work for them because of Twitter’s admittedly inferior targeting, reporting, bid optimization, and ad types.
Google remarketing didn’t work for them, so they just gave up on it, not realizing that blanket sitewide targeting against a 180-day audience was too broad.
Our point you should be making to clients, if you’re an agency or consultant, is that retargeting is retargeting. If someone was just on your site, you have a few hours to catch their attention before they lose interest in your product. So you’d want to have one-day site and page-specific retargeting across all your networks.
Doesn’t matter if they’re reading their gmail, surfing Facebook on their iPhone, or watching silly videos on YouTube. You want to lightly nudge these folks with something relevant (but not creepy relevant) to what they just did.
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Facebook is the ultimate targeting machine (more than BMW is the ultimate driving machine), so your retargeting should start here.
And in the same way that US-based search advertisers start with Google before moving to other networks, you should start with Facebook for social.
Do you have a process where you initially build out your campaigns in Facebook to test out creative, audience, and business logic pairings? And then are you automatically replicating this to other retargeting networks when you discover this is working?
If not, you’re playing a whack-a-mole game in your PPC efforts. Odds are that your email marketing logic is completely out of sync with your remarketing logic, if you have one.
Facebook’s recent move into MPA (multiple product ads) and DPA (dynamic product ads) is a sign that marketing automation is key. It’s not just for products only, like we said, but anyone who is selling anything.
That means you.

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