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Get your FBX integration strategy ready for the holidays

Published: October 18, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager at Triggit.
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Integrations. For the typical display or SEM holiday campaign, “integrations” don’t exist; however, when it comes to retargeting, integrations are the key to utilizing your first party data to relevantly retargeting your site visitors.
Since many DR marketers have plans to run FBX campaigns for the holidays, we thought would share a quick insight: integrations are surprisingly complicated and can very quickly become a lengthy process. Having worked with the world’s largest retailer and travel advertisers, we’ve learned firsthand which issues can draw out the process. We’ve also learned proactively preparing for the integration process can speed up the process dramatically.
We’ll be hosting a webinar, Wrapping Up the Year with FBX, on Oct 24th with 3QDigital, to help you ensure a speedy integration process so your dynamic FBX campaigns are live and ready for the holidays. We’ll be sharing our best practices for those signing up with full-service vendors while Alicia Antoniolli, from 3QDigital, will share her insights from the agency perspective. Sign up now for the webinar next Thursday at 11am PST/2pm EST, so you can get the tips and tricks for a seamless FBX integration.
Can’t make it? No problem…we’ll give you a taste of the tips here.
Integrating Your IT Team from Day 1
The implementation process consists of two major parts: 1) pixels or javascript need to be placed on your site and 2) product feeds to be processed. While both steps seem straightforward, most marketers don’t have the technical ability or authorization to modify the company’s website code, and many marketers fail to factor in the IT Dept. ‘queue’ before signing the IO. Often, the IT request is stuck in a queue whose average waiting time is 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately, implementations are like building a pyramid – each stage of the process builds off the last.  Waiting to place the pixels set can hold up the entire implementation process.
Recommendation: Understanding your company’s process and how it will affect the timeline of your campaign integration will help you and your vendor plan next steps. Make clear to IT when you need tags placed in order to meet your timeline.
Product Feeds – It’s all in the Details
Product Feeds are incredibly important for creating relevant, dynamic creatives, but feeds also can create major hassles in the integration process. Your IT team will be key in helping you prepare the feeds, but know that wrong formats, missing product information, even an extra comma in the feed can break the feed process, resulting in no dynamic ads, lost FB retargeting opportunities and lost time relative to Q4 conversion opportunities.
Recommendation: Be proactive and find out exactly what the feed requirements, type of feed (format, product information, and punctuation) your vendor needs. By asking your retargeting vendor specific questions and preparing your feeds accordingly, you will be able to bypass days of back-and-forth troubleshooting and get straight to ROAS & full conversion volume.
Product Feed Format Questions
1) What type of format do you prefer?
1a) Our products have special characters and accents, do you still recommend that format?
2) What product information do we need in the feeds? i.e.) product ID, URL, image, etc
3) Are there any specific formatting rules we should be aware of?
By asking these simple questions, you will be able to proactively make changes to align your product feed with your vendor’s feed processing tech & processes.  While it might take a little bit of time on your end to format everything correctly, you will be saving time in the long run by avoiding the long delays associated with product feed issues.
This is just a quick preview of all the learnings to come! Make sure to sign up on Eventbrite to save your space now and make the 2013 holiday season the merriest possible with FBX.
PMishra-headshot– Prachi Mishra is Marketing Manager at Triggit, where she explores her passion for data-driven marketing. She discovered the world of online advertising after working in Category Management for General Mills.  Prachi graduated with a BSB from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, where she studied marketing.

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