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Work-Life Balance in SEM (Inspired by Susan Wojcicki's Urinal Post)

Published: September 4, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

By Will Lin, Co-Founder
Susan Wojcicki postYes, I saw it, in a bathroom in Google’s San Francisco office. A urinal post by Susan Wojcicki – and it’s shockingly good.
If you are in the online marketing profession and don’t know who Susan Wojcicki is, you should be fired. She’s one of the most powerful people in our industry. Google her name, and you’ll see why.
We were visiting the Google office for a training organized by our wonderful agency rep, Elizabeth. This urinal post (see left, and squint) is, apparently, part of a series of thought-provoking posts issued by Google. I assume there have been/will be other posts, but this one hit me pretty powerfully.
What stoked me the most was Wojcicki’s email rule. She said that at her house, there is a no-email rule from 6-9 pm; without the rule, she cannot be mentally at home.
At PPC Associates, we always say that online marketing doesn’t stop on weekends or after hours. Our account managers look at numbers constantly. Of course, we respond to clients’ emails almost instantly. We are not working “in” it constantly, but we are definitely “on” it constantly. And when numbers are bad, stress levels go way up.
Agency life is tough; clients are tough; numbers are tough. We all know it. That’s why, on the heels of a holiday weekend we all probably spent (at least in part) working, Susan Wojcicki’s post is so good.
I’m going to implement this rule at my own home. I already told my wife about this, so I’m locked in. We’re doing it.
For agency purposes, the beauty of this rule is that it’s only betwen 6-9 pm. We all work at night, but we only do it after 9 pm, after the kids are in bed or the games are over or what have you. But from 6-9, be mentally at home, wherever (and with whomever) that home may be.
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