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Why Your Business Could Use a Video Marketing Campaign

Published: May 14, 2018

Author: Lexie Lu

It seems as though everywhere you turn these days, there are videos online. If you jump onto Facebook, there are live streams. If you navigate to a website, there may be an introductory or product video. Use your mobile device to get on Instagram, and a video pops up. People are using videos more and more.

The statistics on using videos for online marketing campaigns are staggering. Optinmonster says that 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product or service. There are many different ways an online video campaign benefits your business. Here are seven things to consider when adding video to your branding:

1. Create Content to Enhance Your Message

One reason you might want to add video to your marketing efforts is simply to enhance your message. A well-done video adds another level of understanding about your product or services and helps the facts stick in the mind of your reader.
Our brains do a good job of remembering pictures. When pictures and sound blended together, Brain Rules notes that people remember 65 percent of the message three days later, whereas they only remember 10 percent without the visual. Adding video images enhances your overall message.
Hotels.com explains the benefits of using their search function through videos. These are uploaded to their website and YouTube as well as some of their social media pages. In the case of Hotels.com, they’ve chosen general information that works well almost anywhere they want to market their service.

2. Know Your Audience

Before you attempt to create a video to add to your overall branding, you really need to understand who your audience is and what will or won’t speak to them. Take the time to do your research through polling and studying your site analytics. Who is visiting your site, and what are their habits?
Armed with information about their preferences, you can center your marketing campaign around the specific needs and habits of those site visitors. This also allows you to target new users similar to current users by pushing the video to them via Facebook or Twitter ads.

3. Create Video for Social Media

People on social media love to consume videos. NextThought Studios remarks on video marketing trends and predicts that by 2020, videos will account for over 80 percent of what consumers do online. It isn’t surprising that Facebook and Instagram are utilizing various video features to make adding videos simple for nearly anyone.
Videos for social media need to be short and to the point. Try to keep the video two minutes or under (or less than :30, if you have a punchy enough story to tell) to account for short attention spans as people scroll quickly through social media feeds.
Ikea hits the intent of social media with this entertaining video that shows a slice of life or otherwise ordinary situation. The dad is playing with his young son, chasing him through the house. The child is laughing as he runs. The dad hits the slick floor and falls — more than once.
In the next scene, the child runs, the dad picks him up, and they both laugh. The scene then cuts to a run and the skid-proof matting under it to show how the dad solved this common problem. This video is cute and something people would be likely to share. It is also short and quick to view.

4. Use Live Videos

Consider utilizing Facebook’s live videos feature as a new way to interact with your followers. Users seem to engage more on live videos than regular videos. They comment on live videos about 10 times more than on regular videos, and Social Media Examiner highlights that 80 percent of people would rather watch a live video than read a blog post.
There are many other reasons to consider live video. You can engage your followers during a live event that perhaps they couldn’t attend. You also may pick up some new followers who otherwise might not have discovered your brand. An added bonus is that people can view the live video at a later time.

5. Immersive 360-Degree Video

For many years now, real estate agents have understood the advantages of using 360-degree video to immerse potential buyers in the experience. Without ever leaving your home, you can see a house from nearly every angle. This is also in vogue for furniture, home-improvement sites, etc.
Now, many other industries are getting in on this 360-degree video experience to plunge their potential customers into the product they are selling. This is particularly beneficial for ecommerce websites because you can show off your product that might not be available for viewing in local stores. The method works well for a variety of business types.
A great example of a 360-degree video is on the University of Sydney website. This 360-degree walking tour of the campus basically takes you on a tour as though you were at the university. This type of video works particularly well for foreign students, who might not have the opportunity to visit the physical campus before applying to the school.

6. Repurpose Old Content

After you’ve created content for a while around a specific industry, the ideas can get sparse. However, adding videos allows you to take old topics and give them fresh life. Perhaps there are basic premises to your industry that you want your readers to grasp, but the traffic to blog posts on those topics is scarce.
Adding a video allows you to bring fresh traffic and life to those basic topics. In addition, it gives you more content to share on social media or push out via an email campaign.

7. Improve Your Email Click-Through Rates

Adding video to your email marketing campaigns can actually improve your click-through rates. More than half of marketers state that adding video improves their conversion rates as much as two to three percent, which can be a huge difference for an email campaign. It also gives readers something that is outside the norm of the same old email they get from you.


At the end of the day, strong videos should be part of an overall marketing campaign. They enhance your message and help you tell a story and reach new leads. Videos allow you to brand your business further. This allows people to come to recognize your personality, reliability, and the benefits only you and your company have to offer. If you haven’t added this medium to your marketing, you should start today.

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