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Why I Love Deadlines

Published: July 2, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

By Laura Rodnitzky, Director of Change Management
When I was trying to brainstorm ideas for blog posts, marketing manager Hillary Read suggested I write on “why I love deadlines.” This seemed like an odd suggestion to me – does anyone really “love” deadlines? (And do I have a reputation as someone who does?)
While thinking about this I realized that yes, I do love deadlines. And I’m going to tell you why. (You’re welcome, Hillary.) Ed’s note: Laura’s unofficial title is Director of GSD, or Getting (Stuff) Done. Of course she loves deadlines. (Thank you, Laura.)
I wasn’t always super-organized. In fact, if you were to ask my parents to describe my room in high school, they’d likely offer up responses like “tornado”, “chaos”, “disaster”… in short, I was a slob. So messy, in fact, that we once mistook a large dust bunny under my bed for an actual animal. And my organizational skills weren’t much better. I was always rushing to finish homework, arriving late to practices… I was a real-life Tasmanian devil.
Fast-forward 15 years, and I’m responsible for making sure things run like clockwork in more than 40 accounts at PPC Associates. Suddenly organization sounds like a pretty good idea. The first step? Creating production calendars so we could keep track of work that needed to be done in each account – and when. It’s easy to tell yourself to check search queries regularly for potential negative keywords, or to keep an eye on bids and budgets, or to follow up with a client about that awesome idea you thought of last week. The difficult part is actually remembering to do those things.
get it doneAnd so, in the past three years, I have become an organizational junkie – and a deadline junkie. The second anyone mentions anything actionable, it’s in my calendar. And with calendars come deadlines, a word I once dreaded but now embrace heartily.
Deadlines not only help us stay on track, but they also make all of us at PPC Associates accountable to each other and to our clients. It’s easy to blow off a personal “deadline”, but when somebody else is relying on you to get something done by a certain time, you do it.
So why do I love deadlines? From a practical standpoint, they help keep me organized. From that mushy “I love PPC Associates and our clients” part of me, it reminds me that I’m part of a team, working together to make things happen for ourselves and our partners.
Laura Rodnitzky, Director of Change Management

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