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What You Missed from Lotame’s event, “The Connected Future: Agencies & Addressability”

Published: July 14, 2021

Author: Phoebe Martell-Crawford

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There are many concerns surrounding the future of data enrichment and the changing ad tech ecosystem. On June 24, Google announced it is delaying its plans to phase out third-party cookies until 2023. This announcement gives brands more time to prepare, it also adds uncertainty to an already complex landscape. There is a common misconception that the deprecation of third-party cookies means the death of third-party data. 3Q Digital’s Alyssa Francis, Director of Decision Sciences, was a panelist at Lotame’s virtual event, ‘The Connected Future: Agencies & Addressability,’ to dispel that rumor.

Here’s what you need to know:

Luckily, pushing back the post-cookie world gives brands more time to prepare and put their data practices to the test. Data plays a critical role in analytics, validating client audiences, uncovering new in-channel audience opportunities, and improving segmentation and segment relevant content experiences. At 3Q Digital, we rely on data enrichment and third party data for analysis. Leveraging data enrichment adds value to our services by validating our clients’ audiences, uncovering new audience opportunities, producing relevant creative messaging, and so much more.

From Alyssa’s perspective, first-party data is crucial for persona building and understanding intent and interest to use as an enrichment tool. First-party data will provide insight into site visitors and purchasers, while third-party data will enable analysis on the customer journey. Utilizing all these various data sources helps us understand how customer trends change over time, which in turn helps us understand and uncover things such as seasonal shifts in audience behavior.

Many clients see the changes to the ad tech industry as catastrophic, so it is vital for marketers to act as a source of education and ensure there are solutions in place and better answers to how we continue to access data and improve marketing outcomes. Partnering with companies like Lotame, who are leaders in the space and constantly finding new ways to solve problems, is a key solution to overcoming changes and challenges.

Thank you to Alyssa and all of the other panelists at Lotame’s event! While you wait for the next event that 3Q Digital’s experts present at, you can read more about our transformational digital marketing solutions here.

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