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What Is Google’s Optimization Score, and Should I Use It?

Published: June 3, 2019

Author: Will Moomaw

Advertisers may have noticed in the Recommendations tab of their Google Ads account a sight similar to the below image. Google is rolling out a new “Optimization Score” feature that allows users to see how optimized their account is according to Google’s best practices. Many of the possibilities will be recommendations to update campaigns or targeting methods to new smart technology and features such as Smart Bidding, Responsive Search Ads, and Smart Shopping.
According to Google, the optimization score is “an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. Optimization score runs from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential.” Thankfully, none of the recommendations that this feature provides are auto-enabled, and users can dismiss the recommendations if they do not find them helpful or relevant.

Should I Use It?
I encourage all advertisers to investigate their accounts and check out the recommendations provided by Google, as there can be some low-hanging fruit and quick wins; for instance, it is possible that you will find negative keywords or audiences that can be quickly added to your campaigns to immediately improve performance. 3Q accounts have found success utilizing smart bidding and campaign types, and we encourage all advertisers to test them out for themselves.
Conversely, you may find recommendations that do not line up with your account’s goals or budgets. If that is the case, simply dismiss the unwanted recommendations and watch as your Optimization Score gets closer to 100%!
Most of us have had unsolicited “feedback” from a Google Account Manager at one time or another, and those who have know that these suggestions can come from Google’s best interests, not the advertisers’. But the Optimization Score metric appears to be, shall we say, less editorial and more potentially helpful.
In general, an account with a 100% score is by no means perfect, and an account at 50% can certainly be performing at a high level, but this feature does provide directional insight into your account’s settings and opportunities for improvement.

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