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What Does it Mean to Accept No Limits? Part 2.

Published: September 28, 2022

Author: Nick Herff

As discussed in the first part of this series, one of our core values at 3Q/DEPT is to “Accept No Limits.” This is an idea that every 3Q/DEPT employee has internalized and something we practice day in and day out.

This mindset is also why the world’s leading brands consistently choose to work with us over other agencies. They have a hunger to achieve more, and our unique approach to digital growth marketing has helped so many businesses grow past their obstacles and experience sustainable, long-term success – check out a few examples of this below.


KeyBank is a regional bank that places a significant emphasis on their customer relationships. Their target audience ranges everywhere from individuals and small businesses to enterprises and investment clients, all over the United States.

KeyBank came to 3Q/DEPT looking to improve their digital marketing prowess and expand their revenue opportunity. Specifically, they wanted to leverage the power of online search (both paid and organic) to reach an aggressive goal of 10,000 new account applications created every month.

We got to work and put together a customized strategy for KeyBank, quickly finding ways to improve their search presence. Early success in this area led to an expansion of our relationship and a more comprehensive look at KeyBank’s other digital activities. We worked closely with them to identify competitor weaknesses and new campaign opportunities. Not only that but we also helped them implement multi-touch attribution, which was critical to informing their strategic roadmap and helping them move customers more efficiently through the marketing funnel.

As a result of our efforts, KeyBank served more effective ads, doubled their paid search volume, and increased their search ROI. They uncovered new ways to improve their media mix, measured their digital marketing activities, and pinpointed where exactly new customers were coming from, all of which helped them expand their brand with new audiences and launched them into their next phase of growth.


Wine.com is a San Francisco-based company that offers a massive online selection of wine – the largest in the world, to be precise – across every price point and preference imaginable.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, eCommerce exploded and consumers began ordering more and more of their products online. Wine.com came to 3Q/DEPT for help to capitalize on this major increase in demand. However, competition was fierce and online advertising prices shot through the roof.

Our experts implemented a search bidding strategy that would both grow visibility for the Wine.com brand and keep costs low in this unique environment. We focused on the top-performing campaigns using brand and head terms, while also scaling through longer-tail and product keywords. We then leveraged automated bidding to improve efficiency, analyzing and optimizing ads based on a variety of signals that targeted the customers most likely to purchase.

The end results of these efforts were incredible. Through the search strategies we recommended, we helped Wine.com drive 140% revenue growth year-over-year, decrease their cost per new customer acquisition by 11%, and improve their revenue share by 10%.


eyebobs is a major eyewear retailer that develops bold and unique frames by working with some of the world’s most talented designers.

As with Wine.com, eyebobs faced new challenges due to the pandemic. They had been seeing steady growth in the past, but realized that to take the next step, they needed to rethink their approach to marketing to reach new consumers and increase revenue. Luckily, our Dominate program is specifically designed for situations like these, where forward-thinking brands need a complete overhaul of their marketing strategy.

eyebobs outlined three key goals: acquire new customers in a cost-efficient manner, grow revenue through various digital channels, and find ways to expand revenue opportunities with their existing customers.

To begin, we conducted a thorough opportunity analysis of eyebobs’ entire marketing program. This helped us uncover four distinct areas that they could improve in to reach their goals, including data management and measurement, their website technology and content, their user interface and approach to testing, and their overall marketing strategy and execution. All in all, we highlighted 131 different growth opportunities, which were then rolled up into 13 actionable recommendations that could be achieved within a year-long digital marketing plan.

Even in the early stages of undertaking this plan, eyebobs began to see results. They improved their website’s speed and architecture and implemented a data warehouse and consumer data platform. Both of these actions helped them acquire more and more customers through a paid media program, and they were even able to improve conversions of up to 150 basis points in some digital channels.

If your brand is facing challenges in your digital marketing program and not sure where to find the answers? If so, reach out to our experts – we’ll help you begin writing the next chapter in your growth journey.

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