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Website Custom Audiences – A Small Business Approach

Published: April 10, 2014

Author: Melissa Polsky

As website Custom Audiences begin rolling out to all Facebook advertising accounts, this is a good time to look at the benefits of this feature.  Facebook has noted that the WCA feature is different from FBX in the sense that it is meant for companies with smaller product offerings, and for those companies who typically don’t work with third-party providers. Doesn’t this sound like it fits a small business profile? Let’s look at some benefits of this feature from the perspective of small businesses.

Simple process

Facebook has made it very easy to use Website Custom Audiences. The advertiser simply needs to use Power Editor, visit the “Audiences” section under Ad Tools, and choose the “Create a Custom Audience from your Website” option. Facebook will then provide the advertiser with a remarketing pixel to be placed in the site’s code. Once the pixel is implemented, you are ready to go! Advertisers can retain audiences for up to 180 days after they visited the site and can pick and choose which page visitors to retarget.

Retargeting layered with Facebook’s targeting capabilities

Because of the necessity to use a third-party provider, some small businesses may not have thought much about retargeting on Facebook. Now, they have the option to create audiences of users who have visited specific pages of their site, letting small businesses have a very targeted, customized ad approach. Say a local bowling alley is looking to promote its upcoming 20-somethings bowling night. The bowling alley can target users who have visited the website, who are between 20 and 29 years old, and live within 15 miles of the business.

Easier and cheaper to run ads in-house

Small businesses often work with a very limited marketing budget. Since WCA operates within the Facebook platform, small businesses don’t have to worry about a minimum test buy with a third-party FBX provider, and can control the budget at their discretion. If the company has a working knowledge of Facebook ads, the WCA feature is very simple to start and run in-house, saving the cost of working through a marketing firm.
The Website Custom Audience feature offers many benefits, especially to small businesses who may not have experimented with remarketing in the past. It has the capability to provide a great return for those advertisers who choose to use it.

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