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Using Daily Deal Sites for Retargeting Purposes

Published: October 25, 2011

Author: Todd Mintz

I was working with a company on their paid search campaign, and as part of the campaign set-up process, I created a remarketing campaign for them. Unbeknownst to me (until after it happened), they participated in a few daily deal offerings, and initially, I thought these efforts would have no relevance or impact on their PPC campaign. That assessment was totally incorrect.
A bit about the company:

  • Niche, highly dynamic inventory.
  • Highly latent buyer (meaning few purchases happen on the first visit to the site…sale usually happens 1-14 days later).
  • Reasonably high-priced product.
  • Ultimately, the way the daily deals were structured, they didn’t really reduce the cost of the purchase by a huge amount.

The daily deals drove a huge number of people into the remarketing pool, where they stayed for 30 days – the length of the cookie chosen for the campaign. Ultimately, the company had more sales from remarketing than from purchased PPC clicks, and the CPC and CPA numbers for retargeting were way lower than they were from PPC.
Many people think that remarketing campaigns only are for remarketing to paid search traffic. That is totally incorrect; people who land on the page with the remarketing code become part of the retargeting pool, no matter how they got there (paid search, organic search, social media traffic, etc.). With remarketing, any method that delivers relevant traffic to your website at a reasonable cost gets you the privilege of marketing to those people for as long into the future as you feel is advantageous to your business.
Clearly, you need to examine the economics of daily deal sites to determine whether they are a good investment for your business. Keep in mind, though, that remarketing is a very advantageous side benefit to these marketing efforts that you might not have thought about. Plus, once the daily deal is over, you are still “selling” to the daily deal customers, and if they end up purchasing from you after the daily deal ends, you’ll keep 100% of the sale.
Retargeting lets the advertiser “keep pitching” their wares to visitors…and they could ultimately overcome the objection that caused the site visitor not to purchase the first time. Sort of like this:

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