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How to Use Website Custom Audiences

Published: August 4, 2014

Author: Or Fialkov

Go to Ads Manager

1. Enter Ads Manager and click Audiences:
WCA6 (2)
2. Click on Create Audience
3. Choose Website Users Custom Audiences
4. You’ll see a notification, requesting you to confirm terms of service and allowing you to view the pixel.
5. Click to view the pixel, then copy it or send to the website developer – the pixel should appear between the tags <head> and <head/>.
6.  Having placed the pixel at your website, you need to create audiences to target in your advertising campaign. At this point, you can segment users directed via a given URL, or anyone entering any specific section of the site. You can also choose how long you want users to be included in your list. Many specifications can be set (for example, users visiting landing page and skipping the thank-you page) and you may also check whether a given URL meets the specifications set.
I recommend that you create different specifications for mobile/desktop users, as well as lists with different time definitions (ideally 7/30/90/180 days).
7. Having created audiences, you will see them filling up with users, directly from the Ad Manager, in real time. Please note that specifications for custom audiences for your site cannot be edited – you may only change their name.
Power Editor

1. Go to Audiences

2. Click Create Audience, then Website Custom Audience

3. Create audiences similarly to Ads Manager


Use the Lists You have Created
Ads Manager
Under Audience, type the name of the list and once clicking the name, you can apply the Exclude function on it. For the following example, I have selected all visitors from the last 180 days, excluding those who bought the product:
Power Editor
Having created the ad, you shall reach Advance. Then you may choose the audience to target or exclude from the ad circle-in this example, anyone visiting the website during the past 30 days, excluding buyers.
Here, on the other hand, I target all visitors from the past 180 days, excluding buyers and visitors from the past 30 days. The latter will see a different ad displayed, as they are targeted by the first ad.
Create several combinations of audiences from your website and make sure they are not all identical, converting the same feature or costing a similar price.

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