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Use References to Boost Your Online Business

Published: February 2, 2018

Author: Jason Mayoral

Reference marketing has established itself as one of the best ways to increase sales and generate conversions. One of its main components, the references, is commonly used to promote a product or service, in a given environment, at an almost imperceptible cost.

How many times, before buying something, have you looked for information or comments from people who acquired it before?
The opinion of your customers, if your shopping experience was pleasant and successful, can be a clear incentive to buy your products or services. For this, it is important to create a referral marketing strategy that makes it easier for your clients to recommend you.
In this post, I’m going to show you a list of actions related to reference marketing that will allow you to position your business at a low cost.

Importance of reference marketing

Customer comments work as a kind of word-of-mouth advertising that gives you a credibility that other ad campaigns can’t.
They are precise. The comments that your customers make about your products or services make decision-making easier for other people interested in your brand.
They are viral. In these times, thanks to the accessibility of social networks and technology, you can make a reference (either in person or in a digital medium) and expect a direct and immediate response from the environment.
They generate confidence. In the sale, in addition to the product or service itself, the discourse you use is very important. This is where references come into play. Remember that people almost always trust more in the opinion of other people than in advertising.
References do not only arise between close people or friends (although they tend to work better if you already have a feeling of mutual trust in advance). Other sources include news (which can sometimes start with PR), customer reviews posted online, influencers (who are often paid to share positive reviews with their followers), etc.

How to create a reference marketing strategy

You do not need to be a marketer to carry out these types of strategies. If you still have no idea how to do it, these tips should help:

  1. Offer memorable customer service

It is not just about offering excellent products; you should also focus your efforts giving potential customers genuine attention, which will reflect well on your brand whether or not they purchase.

  1. Make product descriptions clear and easy to remember

For reference marketing, the simple fact that the customer remembers what you sell is paramount. Whether or not they buy, they can always reference you if a conversation arises in a conversation related to your product or service.

  1. Make your shopping experience shareable

If you are looking for a WOW factor that relates to your online or physical store, consider that the shopping experience may be the option. Customers sharing positive experiences are highly valuable marketing assets. You can make the shopping is shareable by including social media sharing buttons on your website.

  1. Implement a section of testimonials / success stories on your website

Surely you have customers who would love to share their shopping experience on your website. Do not hesitate to ask for comments and include them in a visible testimonial section. Conversely, be ready to respond quickly and thoughtfully to any negative feedback; addressing problems effectively can produce loyal customers.

  1. Contact blogs / people with influence in your market

Influential experts who share your products with their followers (or simply mention your brand) can be invaluable. To engage them, create campaigns in social networks and get closer to the profiles of those who you think would be willing and relevant ambassadors of your brand.
These are just some actions that you can implement so that the reference marketing strategy works for your brand. Surely you have other ideas to share, so I encourage you to leave a comment.

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