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Use Q4 Facebook Data to Your Advantage in the New Year

Published: January 16, 2019

Author: Brittin Burnworth

The dust has settled on 2018 and we are beginning 2019 with a fresh start to reflect on Q4 wins and tests that didn’t go as planned. It is imperative that you are equipped to use this data in guiding your strategies in Facebook throughout the year, and to get a head start on drawing up your playbook for the 2019 holiday season.
To fully understand success and prepare to conquer 2019, here are a few ideas on how use the glut of data your clients got from Q4 traffic to your advantage in 2019:

Create New Audience Segments

There are numerous opportunities to use data mined in Q4 to inform and refine your audience segments. As you pull demographic data from your Q4 Facebook campaigns (age, gender, geo), you can begin to infer even more qualities about your audience that may help to inspire new tests. Here are a few other opportunities to consider:

  • Value-Based Audiences
    • A pixel-based lookalike uses recency, frequency, and values passed from your on-site pixel to find new people on Facebook similar to your top users.
      • You may also layer on gender or age demos at the ad set level that you have concluded to be top performers.
    • Retention
      • Refresh your retention audiences to include top-performing segments: certain products, purchase frequency, AOV, or number of items purchased.
    • Retargeting
      • Utilize site visitors from Q4 who have not converted, or, as a higher-intent option, anyone who initiated the checkout purchase but didn’t follow through with a purchase.
    • Acquisition
      • Create lookalikes based on refreshed purchaser or top frequency/value lists.

Use Dynamic Product Ads

For e-commerce clients, Dynamic Product Ads are an essential asset to any Facebook strategy that allows you to serve catered ads from on-site customer actions or inactions. This is a highly engaging ad type and a great time-saver once set up correctly. If you have a product feed created in Facebook, DPAs give you opportune chances to cross-sell, upsell, and acquire new buyers. Consider creating new segments for your DPAs after collecting learnings from Q4:

  • Get detailed where applicable to increase CTR. Cater product feed categories to specific audience segments by including certain products for different audiences. You may consider specific geographic locations that have an affinity for certain products, gender-based segmentation, or interest-based audiences for relevant products.
  • Facebook’s algorithm does gather learnings on who to serve which products to, but you can use the knowledge gained from Q4 testing to further boost CVR for your DPAs. You can give further direction to your DPAs by considering what products are commonly purchased together.
  • Create new product sets based on top-selling items and sort to show the most appropriate items for your audience. This can include filtering out lower-priced products to increase AOV.
  • Utilize special offer DPAs to retarget users who viewed or abandoned a specific item in their cart during the holiday season.
  • Incorporate Q4 customer seed lists to create cross-selling or upselling opportunities.

Inform New Creative Strategies

As your ads gained traffic in Q4, putting together a creative analysis can be a simple, yet powerful takeaway to assist in guiding your clients’ creative team for the year.

  • Analyzing creative by ad type is one of the most important views to take. As videos and GIFs gain popularity on Facebook as a whole, see where your creative stacks up and whether there are any gaps that need to be filled.
  • Break out your analysis by placement. Does a certain type of creative resonate better on Facebook or Instagram? Mobile or Desktop?
  • Consider other elements in your analysis such as themes or calls to action. Which phrases or imagery works best?
  • If you ran Instagram stories (if not, I would consider adding it to the queue!), do static images work better? Does 1 card or 3 sequential images perform better?

Refine Ad Copy Strategies

Alongside your creative tests, drawing insights from copy can guide you in the direction of boosting CTR and CVR.

  • Organizing your copy tests by themes, length, or use of hashtags and/or emojis can help you to single out factors that are resonating best with your audience.
  • Consider your top-performing copy iterations from Q4 to guide what aspects should be tested in 2019.

Leverage every asset and data point to your disposal, and make the most of 2019 by acquiring new users, building your playbook of tests and audiences, and creating meaningful and engaging content. Build on your wins and keep exploring.
Don’t let all that valuable data stay in 2018! Push forward to build a lucrative and productive year in 2019.

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