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Use Marin to Track Keyword-Level Product Sales

Published: June 9, 2015

Author: Dan Hilbert

If you work on an eCommerce account, chances are you have a number of different products you offer. Whether it’s five, one hundred, or thousands, the concept is the same: you bid on keywords relevant to your product and try to send users to the most relevant landing page. In many cases you will send users to a product-specific landing page, but there are also instances where you may send users to a landing page featuring a number of products.
But what products are being sold as a result of your keywords [sunglasses], [shoes], or [purse] converting? Without diving into analytics or back-end data, it may be difficult to determine.
Marin has a solution to this issue allowing you to track individual product sales at the keyword level. Best part is, it’s very simple to implement. Actually, Marin will do most of the heavy lifting for you! As long as the correct variables are placed within the Marin conversion code, you can create a ‘Tracker Audit Report’ to review individual product sales.

Tracker Audit Report Set Up

First, it’s important to note that the reports will vary depending on the variables being tracked within your Marin conversion code. Including variables like order ID, conversion type, and price are great but will not allow you to easily track which products are being sold as a result of a conversion in Marin (unless you want to continuously compare order IDs with back-end data). However, if you add a variable to track product ID or product title you will gain insight into which products are being sold as the result a click (whether organically or a paid ad). Below are the steps to create and pull the report:

-If you haven’t done so already, modify your conversion code to include a product ID or product title variable.

-Contact your Marin rep and tell them you would like to create a ‘Tracker Audit Report’. Unfortunately, the columns that are included in the report are not available in the Marin UI, so a rep will have to create the report for you.

-Once the report is created, go to the ‘Reports’ link at the top right of the Marin dashboard and then click on the ‘Report Templates’ tab.

-Select the Tracker Audit Report. You can edit the date range of the report as well as whether or not you would like it recurring.

-Run the report.

After the report is created, I would suggest using pivot tables to roll up the data by keyword to determine which products are driving the majority of the conversions. If you offer accessories to complement your products, you can also determine the percentage of paid and organic sales that include the purchase of an accessory.

The Benefits

Tracking individual product performance at the keyword level has two main benefits:

-Bid Optimization: You may be bidding according to specific CPA or ROAS goals. This report allows you to take it a step further by including profitability in the equation. At a high level, two keywords may have the same CPA or ROAS. In reality, one of the keywords may be much more profitable if it constantly results in sales of a product with high profit margins. Having this insight will allow you to become more or less aggressive on bids for specific keywords.

-Landing Page Optimization: If you are sending users to a page with multiple products, feature the top converters higher up on the page. Also, you can test different drop-down options for products whether you offer different quantities, accessories, etc. Use different time frames for the report to compare performance before/after the changes. Take note of CVR, AOV, and the products being sold.

Focus on your top-converting keywords first. You may be able to identify some patterns and make a few small changes that can result in a big win.

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