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Use Images to Sell your Facebook Gifts

Published: May 6, 2013

Author: Natalie Pejooh

In my last post, I talked about why your business – if it’s got a good, gift-worthy product – should hop on the Facebook Gifts train. Today, I’ll talk about the images (and text) that’ll help those ads convert.
Many of the best practices for Gifts are relatable to my previous post on images – just as with ads, you want users to click. You want them to purchase.
There are several ways to increase your chances, and they boil down to the images and text you use. Here’s how to optimize:
1. Make ’em drool.
facebook gifts image
The image is the first thing that is seen, the description is the second. Eye catching photos. You have room to play! The image size is larger. Professional image with colors that pop. Not too much clutter!
2. Stand out in a crowd.
gummy bear gift
Did you know you can give a 5lb gummy? No? Neither did I, but my eyes were instantly drawn to it. Along with a great photo, the description is clear. It’s 5lbs! Bigger than a football!
3. Don’t make them guess!
Your image should speak for itself. Let’s (not) play a game of “can you guess what the actual purchasable item is?”
Okay, let’s do it, but just for example’s sake. At a glance, can you tell what gift is being sold?
poor gift image
Okay, yeah. Floating tubes.
image of travel kit
My bad — they’re traveling tubes.
This one’s fun, but I wouldn’t buy it:
Facebook baby gift
Are they selling a baby?!?
baby shower gift
Still confused. What’s in the box?
Last one:
diary facebook gift
Yeah, I get it. It’s a book. But, what KIND of book?
simple diary gift
So they’ve written in it for you? Again, confusing. Plus, show us something we can read.
4. When in doubt, keep it simple (and show price range).
Let’s face it, gift cards have been and continue to be one of the more favorable gift-giving choices. Sure, you need a general idea of what to get someone, but it is essentially a risk free gift. Or a digital gift.
facebook gifts target card
As I mentioned, Gifts are a fast-growing – and super-effective – way to associate your brand with happy moments and get some easy conversions in the process. But don’t get in your own way – sell the image, sell the gift.
– Natalie Pejooh

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