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Customer Personas Increase CTR and Action Rate

Published: October 4, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Rory Kaluza, Director of Digital Strategy at Digital Aptitude, an online marketing agency based in Portland, OR. Rory is responsible for creating and implementing social media marketing strategies for global brands. He is also an author for Branding Magazine and educates marketers in utilizing social platforms to drive brand awareness and sales.
One of the best ways to increase the performance of your Facebook ad campaign is by segmenting your target market into customer personas. A huge mistake Facebook advertisers make is only testing broad targets such as age demographic. It is beneficial to fully utilize advanced targeting options to reach Facebook users who are already interested in related brands and products. This helps in three ways:
1)     When your ads are more finely targeted, they’ll likely have fewer competitors and require a lower bid.
2)     Ads will receive a higher CTR since the messaging will be more relevant.
3)     The rate of actions such as ‘likes’ and ‘conversions’ will increase.
Define Your Ideal Customer First
Social media marketing may be the sexiest thing since sliced bread, but don’t forget about the basics of marketing. Define your your ideal customer by mapping out major constituent groups or customer personas.
We will use an online sports apparel store as an example.
If you sell sports apparel, your customer personas may break down like this:
– NASCAR Fanatics
– NFL Junkies
– Tiger Woods Fans
– NCAA Basketball Fans
Depending on your brand, you may have many personas or just a few. Consider what products you most want to amplify along with your overall marketing goals.
Use these factors to identify the specific target groups in alignment with Facebook’s targeting options:
– Age
– Gender
– Geographic Location
– Interests
– Favorite Brands
– Favorite Celebrities
– Favorite Groups
Spend More Time Researching and Setting Up Targets
Once you have established your customer personas, it is time to isolate these targets in Facebook. Start by setting up your age, gender, and demographic targets.
The next step will take you the longest but will ultimately bring the most value: based on related brands, celebrities, or groups for your customer persona, add these components to the ‘precise interests’ targeting area.
We will use the “NFL Junkies” persona to illustrate this.
Choose as many relevant targets as possible. Use the ‘suggested Likes and Interests’ tool to help with more ideas. The objective here is to ensure that your ad has the largest possible reach to the most targeted group.
facebook customer persona
Once you’ve got targeting set, you’re ready for ad creation. Start your campaign by creating a compelling call to action with your ad copy and image. Create a unique value proposition and use colorful images that will stand out in relation to the Facebook interface. Keep in mind that as an advertiser, you are entering a user’s social space. Think about what drives your customers and give them strong reasons to respond. Use special offers and humor if necessary.
nfl facebook ad
nfl fb ad
And now we optimize!
Optimize to Lower CPC and Increase CTR
Within the first 24 hours of your ads being delivered, you will know what is working in terms of ad copy, images, and targets. Use your data to make bidding and optimization adjustments.
Many Facebook marketers are afraid to bid higher, which means ads might not get any impressions or delivery to targeted users. In the beginning, bid a little bit higher than the suggested bid (example below). This will ensure your ads get served in the first day. From my experience, Facebook only charges you about 60% of your bid. The users who respond to your ads will bring you back some valuable data to optimize the campaign.
suggested bid facebook
Go inside your campaign and use the sorting functions to establish which ad creative and targeting worked the best.
Sort by CTR to find the ad messaging that got the most play.
CTR sort
Sort by Actions to establish which ads converted best to build community or get brand exposure.
actions sorting FB
Take Action!
– After evaluating the data, pause any ads that got low CTRs.
– Find ads that performed the best and at the lowest cost.
– Use the ‘Create Similar Ad’ function to create more variations of the successful ads
You’re off and running! Questions? Objections? Leave a comment!
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