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How to Update Ad Group Names in Bing & Google

Published: September 7, 2016

Author: Jacob Ehrnstein

Naming conventions create efficiencies across accounts for obvious reasons. With clear naming conventions, it becomes easy to identify visually an account’s structure and layout. Good naming conventions happen from the Account level down to the ad group level and make it easier to search within the account – and more importantly optimize within an account.
While running single keyword ad group (SKAGs), naming is easy as you want the ad group name to represent the keyword you are targeting. As an account grows or a business changes, you may find that you want to change or append your ad groups for better visibility and structure.
Across the two main publishers, it varies how you can accomplish this task; in this scenario, Bing makes knocking this task out easy, while editing in Google is a more manual task.


In Google there are two main ways you can go about updating your ad group names: manually in the AdWords interface, or within AdWords Editor (AWE). The interface can be slow and tedious as Google doesn’t have many features built in to update the ad group names, so I would recommend using AWE.
There are some quick shortcuts to help you speed up the process when using this tool. When in AWE, you can press control+H (similar to Excel or Word), and a text-editing box will pop up. This will allow you to find and replace or append ad groups with new naming conventions. Unfortunately Google does not have the ability to bulk-change ad group names from an Excel document.


Bing, on the other hand, has an awesome method for uploading a spreadsheet to the Ads Editor. In Bing, you can download your ad group name as well as the ad group id – this is the identifier used to change just the ad group name when you do the upload after making the changes you want in your Excel document.
The sheet to create for the upload should have the following columns:
Campaign ID Ad Group 
That’s it! As long as you keep the ID intact, you can change the ad group name to anything you want, and Bing editor will use the ad group id to update the ad group name.
Unlike a traditional upload, where you would use the make multiple changes feature to simply copy and paste your sheet into the Editor, you will need to use the import feature of Bing, as ID is not a supported column in the “make multiple changes” area. If you were to copy and paste the sheet you have created in your excel document you would see that you are not able to import the ID column in the make multiple changes area of excel – as seen below.
Instead, you can use the Bing import feature to upload the Excel document to bulk-change the ad group names using the IDs in the Excel column to identify the original ad group you are changing. Just go to Import from file and upload your file. You’ll now see that Bing editor will support the ID column allowing you to use the ad group id to change ad group names.
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