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Two signs you need to refresh your Facebook ads ASAP

Published: August 25, 2016

Author: Molly McCarty

Don’t want your Facebook ads to get exhausted? Never know when to swap out your creative and how often to do it? We’ll explore a few triggers that call for ad refresh, starting with…

Audience Size/Frequency

Frequency plays a role here. The higher your frequency (the more times someone sees a particular ad), the more exhausted your audience and ad is. This causes CTR to drop as your frequency increases. Higher frequencies come from trying to spend larger budgets on small audiences. If your frequency starts to increase, you’ll want to refresh creative in order to bring that number down. If your audience is larger, you likely won’t need to refresh creative as often as you would with smaller audiences.
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There’s no right answer to how high is too high for frequency, but once you notice your ads are no longer being efficient, this is definitely the first thing you should check.


Click-through rates are very important to keep in mind when trying to combat your Facebook ad fatigue. This metric should be watched closely with your ad’s frequency.
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Another reason you may be seeing CTR decrease and CPC increase is negative feedback on your ads. Negative feedback is defined as “a rating based on the number of times your audience hid your ad or otherwise indicated a negative experience such as choosing not to see ads from you. When negative feedback is high it means people don’t want to see this ad.”
Once your ad gets negative feedback, you will see CPAs start to increase as well. This is a sign creative should be refreshed. You should either introduce new creative or, if you don’t have new creative ready yet, you can duplicate your current ad, which will erase all engagement on the ad (positive and negative). Once you do this, you should see CTR start to increase again and CPC start to come back down.

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