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Two PPC Excel tips you can learn in less than one minute

Published: May 14, 2015

Author: Ben Edwards

While Microsoft Excel may seem confusing for those viewing it for the first time, it is considered a fundamental tool for those working in the world of PPC. As changing campaign keywords and crafting formulas are just some of the many actions this mighty piece of software can offer, it’s easy to see why PPC marketers find this such a help. Here’s a quick guide to two of the best tips you could pick up in an instant.

1. Convert text to Columns

Here’s the scenario: you have a multitude of raw data in a word document that needs to split into columns for effective analysis in Excel. You could paste the lot in and manually format the spreadsheet, but that takes a lot effort and more time. However, there is a solution in the form of the “Converting text to Columns” function.


Just copy all the data from Word, head to Excel and paste it in – don’t worry about the fact that it’s all gone into one cell. Now highlight all the text and click on the icon called ‘Text to Columns’.  If your data is split with commas or hyphens, it can be split using the delimited option. If this isn’t the case, ensure the delimited option is unticked and data will instead be split using a pre-determined cell width. Press next and highlight the parameter you wish to use, then press finish and all data will be split accordingly.

2. Find and Replace

While changing keywords and figures in just a handful of cells will take just a matter of moments, it’s a completely different story in a spreadsheet with thousands of cells. Say you need to change the price of a special offer from £90 to £75. Altering thousands of cells accurately could prove to be very time-consuming. This is where the Find and Replace feature can come in very handy.


All you have to do is highlight the chosen selection that you wish to edit and click on ‘Find and Replace’ – the little pair of binoculars in the right-hand column. After you have clicked on ‘Replace,’ a box should appear – this is the place where you will make your changes. Just type in what you want to find, and then type what you want it to be replaced with, and press ‘Replace All’. Your changes should now be evident in your cells; a quick ‘Find all’ check should show you if you’ve left any of the former versions in.
To learn about some other great Excel tips for PPC, click here to check out a guide from the Accord Group – they’ve added some visuals to make them even easier to understand. If you’d like VLOOKUPs to be your friend instead of your nemesis, check out our recent post.

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