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Our Twitter Q4 Performance Says…

Published: January 30, 2014

Author: Molly McCarty

Twitter made huge strides in overall performance in 2013’s Q4, and advertisers are eagerly awaiting their earnings report. Based on the accounts managed by 3Q Digital in Q4, we expect to see some great numbers on February 5.
We compared results to results from the previous quarter (3.8M impressions total). We anticipated a holiday bump, but the metrics were eye-opening. For starters, click-through rates increased by 64%. Conversion rates are up 33% from Q3, and we are seeing a 76% increase in engagements per impressions. Not to mention, advertising on Twitter is getting cheaper! Q4 saw a 90% decrease in cost per click over Q3.
These results are likely the result of a few things. Firstly, we saw Twitter making a huge push to be known as a viable ads platform. The idea that anyone on Facebook should also be on Twitter is no longer outrageous, but how did this come about? Twitter started the year off strong announcing the first Twitter Ads API partnerships in February of 2013. This step solidified Twitter as a contender in the social advertising sphere.
In mid-December, Twitter launched broad match for keyword targeting. This made it easier to ensure that advertisers were hitting the right audience. A piece of the puzzle was missing, however, and a few days after launching broad match for keyword targeting, Twitter launched conversion tracking.
In our opinion, conversion tracking has probably had the biggest influence in performance. Users can now tailor their ads directly to those who are likely to convert. With the ability to easily monitor and manipulate campaigns based on goals, we can expect a huge influx of advertising budget being pushed to Twitter.
So what is next for Twitter? Two weeks ago, Twitter provided new ways to create and use Tailored Audiences (following the global availability of Tailored Audiences in December). This allows users to groups audiences in certain pools and target them specifically.
Twitter has a big advantage – and that is that it has always been a mobile-focused experience. Unlike Facebook, which started out on desktop and had to shift focus significantly (with powerful results), Twitter has not had to reorganize to become a viable mobile experience.

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