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Twitter Advertising Goals and Corresponding Ad Types

Published: May 6, 2015

Author: Kimberley LeSueur

There are many different ad types on Twitter and even more types of goals possible for your business. How do you know which type will be most effective for each goal? Let’s dive in:

Goal: Get Followers

Maybe you just want some more followers. There are lots of good reasons to spend some ad budget on that, including:

-A recent Twitter study showed that followers develop a higher affinity towards your business.

-Followers impact the top line for your business.

-Followers are long-term customers.

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So which ad unit works well to get followers?
Promoted Accounts!
Your ads will show in the following places:

-Home timeline

-“Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Home and Notifications tabs

-“Who to follow” widget on the right side of the People search results page

-“Who to follow” widget on the right side of the Profile page

Goal: Website Clicks and Conversions

Your users are online and clicking on content! So how do you get them to click to your website and convert?
Website Cards! They’re the best way to promote your website content within a Tweet.

-Ad contains an image, related context, and a clear call to action button encouraging URL clicks.

-Ad shows within a user’s home timeline.

-Note: ensure online conversion tracking is placed throughout website for retargeting purposes.


Goal: Tweets engagement

So your goal is engagement? What’s the best way to get that done?
Twitter reviewed several million US tweets to see how strategy affects engagement. The answer, not surprisingly, is that it depends on the vertical.
image029 But there’s a specific ad type that works especially well to increase engagement: Promoted Tweets!

-Help promote relevant content to your users.

-Act and behave as normal tweets – can be retweeted, replied to, favorited, etc.

-Ad shows within a user’s home timeline.


App installs/ Engagement

Let’s say you want to users to install your app – which unit is best?
The App Card! This unit is best for getting installs or app re-engagements.

-The ad includes a preview an image of your app, a rating, and a call to action in the user’s timeline.

-Users can install or open the app directly within the Tweet.

-App Cards are only shown when a user is looking at Twitter on their mobile device.



Sometimes it all comes down to leads.
You can generate leads by collecting email addresses from potential customers and creating a tailored audience. The ads themselves should:

-Use compelling copy to entice action!

-Make people feel special with exclusive offers – words like “get”, “win”, “enter”, “receive”, “find” and “sign up”.

An advanced step here is to augment your Twitter ads by using emails with similar messaging for cross-channel targeting.

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