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Turn Facebook Likes into App Installs

Published: May 1, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Andy Wells, Client Strategist for Ampush
Facebook has become a virtual stomping ground for consumers eager to interact with their favorite brands and businesses. A traditional fan acquisition campaign on Facebook will attract the attention of users and generate new Likes, but often the engagement stalls there. Fortunately, Facebook has extended its means of user reach across multiple platforms, providing you with plentiful options for reaching and growing a fan base.
Today, we’ll break down how to optimize for the “app install” type of conversion. Your strategy will be contingent upon whether your app is on Facebook, offsite, or exclusively mobile.

In-page app ads

App ads are standard Facebook ads that point directly to your in-page app from the Facebook homepage, user profiles, events, pages, apps, and beside photos in albums. They are twofold in that they will reach fans who have already liked your Page but will also target users who show an affinity towards your app based on their profile demographics.
app ad facebook
App ads are comprised of a static image (100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall), so it is vital to choose an eye-catching visual when designing your App ad. The title and body text should be clear, concise, and engaging to the user.
Off-site app ads
If your goal is to drive traffic to an offsite app, choose Facebook’s Page Post Link Ads. These ads are created just like a regular Page Post, but they’re sponsored in order to widen distribution, and they include a large, clickable area that drives users offsite. They are eligible to appear on all Facebook promotion locations, including News Feed on desktop and mobile.
Facebook users are able to interact with any Page Post Ad exactly as though it were an unsponsored Page Post; it can be liked, shared, and commented in the News Feed. However, because it is sponsored, the Page Post Ad will extend its reach to more users. Its presence in the News Feed will lead to higher CTRs and lower CPCs, provided you earn engagement from users.
facebook page post link ad
By creating a Page Post on your Page with an enthralling call-to-action, you encourage user engagement. Drive users to your offsite app by including the link in your Page Post, and require as few permissions as possible to make downloading your app a seamless user experience.

Mobile app ads

If your app is exclusively or primarily mobile, Mobile App Install Ads are your best option. These ads appear only in the mobile News Feed, and clicking allows the user to install the application to their phone without leaving the Facebook platform, providing a frictionless click-to-install experience.
facebook mobile app install ad
Mobile App Install Ads require that your app be available within Facebook’s App Center, and tracking installs through Facebook’s interface also requires implementation of the Facebook SDK. Once you have built and launched your app, you can zero in on your target audience by eliminating users who already have installed your app.
If you have a significant amount of fans who have liked your Page but who have not yet installed your app, you have power in numbers – the Mobile App Install Ad will reach those fans with the greatest potential to install your app. Otherwise, you can target users you think would be most likely to use the app, and generate new fans in the process.
Mobile App Install Ads give you the choice to test multiple ad creatives by setting the creative elements manually, or you can choose to pull creative copy from your app’s Facebook settings page.
As Facebook evolves, more opportunities arise to engage with users and generate a greater fan base. Your power is in harnessing these opportunities to create unique, rich user experiences that promote app installations. By employing at least one of the aforementioned strategies, you will see an influx of app installs without delay.
andy wells ampush– Andy Wells is a Client Strategist for social technology company Ampush. Prior to joining Ampush and helping brands and direct response advertisers achieve performance at scale with Facebook Ads, he studied Economics and Chinese at Dartmouth College. 

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