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Trafficking: Copywriting for Conversion in the Digital Age

Published: May 12, 2015

Author: Neda Talyai

I’m sure as both a marketer and digital marketer, you’ve heard these terms: target audience, persona, marketing funnel, keywords, SEO, leads, lead generation, sales-qualified lead, marketing-qualified lead, strategy, analytics….should I continue? Among an endless array of marketing jargon, comes one, four-word message: write something worth reading.
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As simple as it may seem, if your message and call to action are direct and laid out in a read-“worthy” way, the opportunity for your message to land will make a significant difference in your inbound conversion rate. Think about the action you want people to take; is it compelling to use generic language like click here or learn more? What’s more bland than that? Include CTAs like: watch, listen, read, take the survey, download your eBook, take me there. Step up your game and use a call to action with some flavor. You’ve got it in you.
What’s next? Can you recite your organization’s keywords? Let’s talk SEO. When you’re writing your copy or working with your copywriter, keep in mind your keywords. What’s missing on your page or in your title? How friendly is your page with search? If you’re unsure about how to optimize your page or new to SEO, read this blog by MOZ.
Maximize your opportunity for exposure by creating a brief content plan. You don’t have to get down to the nitty gritty, but you do want to make sure that you’re tweaking your messages for each of your social shares, adding graphics where they make sense, and, last but not least, writing content diverse enough and good enough for your teams to want to use it more than once. If no one is sending out your content, and you aren’t getting the number of downloads you think you should be, then revamp. There is no reason to leave yet one more mediocre piece of content out on the web. Just remember, regardless of how dry your message may be, you can always add a little excitement (statistics and key results) and enthusiasm (outcomes and quotes) to your copy. It goes a long way.
In summary, writing for conversion in the digital age is about making a connection and evoking emotion. If you took a look at what you’ve produced in the last couple of month and had to ask yourself and three of your colleagues the question: would you read this content?
The answers will expose what should happen next.
What is your content saying about your brand?

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