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Top 5 Strategic PPC Tips for A Brand-New Company

Published: March 1, 2018

Author: Marisa Blanke

Entering the world of digital advertising can be daunting. With all the unknowns, it is key to approach PPC strategically to outsmart your competition. These five tips outline the most important bases to cover to set your new brand up for success.

  1. Assess your market: Pick the top 5 most relevant competitors and dig in
    • Answer key questions: What is each competitor’s value proposition? How does your offering compare? What is your competitive advantage?
    • Analyze each competitor’s UX: ad copy, landing pages, conversion flow, mobile experience.
    • Subscribe to each competitor’s email list for product updates, promotional offerings, and ad copy inspiration.
    • Research competitor keyword lists using tools like SpyFu and SEMRush.
  2. Stay ahead of the curve: Create Google News Alerts for your brand name
    • Get ahead of any factors that could impact performance, e.g. product reviews from major publishers or any PR articles that could skew brand search results.
    • If you know of any planned press or major launches, make necessary bid adjustments in your account beforehand and ensure that your budget aligns with the forecasted search volume resulting from these PR efforts.
    • Staying on top of press also provides great review extensions, ad copy ideas, and content for native advertising.
  3. Evaluate potential factors: What could impact your brand?
    • Monitor when competitors bid on your brand and make sure to use compelling language dispelling any messaging that your competitors are using to poach your potential customers. If any company is using your brand name in their ad copy, submit a trademark complaint with Google and Bing.
    • Make note of any companies with very similar brand names; you will potentially want to add said brands to a negative keyword list to prevent any unqualified traffic.
    • Link your search console account with AdWords. If you do not have a search console account, create one for free. Connecting these two accounts will allow you to view your organic search results alongside paid search results, often proving the value of bidding on brand.
  4. Fill in the gaps: Utilize Dynamic Search Ads for keyword harvesting
    • Even after thorough keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner and competitor tools like SpyFu and SEMRush, there’s a good chance your account will miss some relevant searches. DSA campaigns use your website’s content to target your ads and pick up any queries not covered in your keyword campaigns.
  5. Plan ahead: Solidify all tracking and prepare for potential issues
    • Tracking can be the biggest hurdle in getting your campaigns up and running. Using tag managers like GTM can make the process a lot smoother. It is important to triple-check all your tags, making sure the code and placement is perfect. You can easily do this with the inspect tool (CTRL+SHIFT+I) or through a tool like Ghostery, which gives you a list of the pixels on your site and an easy-to-read display of each pixel’s code.
    • Make sure you have a Google Analytics account set up and have it connected to your AdWords account. Enable auto-tagging under account preferences in AdWords, which will add a parameter called a GCLID to URLs people click through. The GCLID passes key values back to GA, such as device, campaign, source, medium, keyword, etc.
    • As a new and growing company, site issues are bound to happen. It is important to have automated alerts and scripts set up that will notify you to address any issues as soon as they happen. Uptime Robot checks site downtime on a customized schedule and sends alerts through text message, email, and even integrates into tools like slack. Additionally, this link checker script runs daily to check broken final URLs in your account and sends results through an automated email report.

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