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Tips for Launching a New Product through Facebook Advertising

Published: August 21, 2017

Author: Molly McCarty

So, your company is launching a new product on Facebook and you want to hit the ground running with your advertising? Your immediate thought might be to launch the new product creative across all of your audiences to get the maximum reach; however, this isn’t always a good idea.
Here at 3Q, we once launched a new product for a client where the client insisted on launching across the whole account because we were in desperate need of a creative refresh anyway. It was thought that the public would respond well to the new launch, so we gave it a shot.


While engagement on the ads increased with the new product creative, we saw a big decline (-36%) in our CVR from the launch. As we looked through the ad engagement, we noticed a lot of negative comments surrounding the new product that turned brand-new users to the company away from the new product as well as away from purchasing any other products. Since we saw poor performance, we came up with a few best practices on how to approach launching a new product across your Facebook account.

Best Practice Tips

  1. Launch within isolated audiences to start: When you have a new product, you don’t want to disrupt your whole account’s performance, so we recommend choosing 1-2 audiences to launch in first. These shouldn’t be your top performers but also shouldn’t be your bottom-performing audiences as you’ll want to get a good read on how it performs.
  2. After seeing initial performance, decide whether to expand the launchOnce you see the initial metrics from the group of audiences you launched in, and if the numbers are good, we recommend you then expand the creative to the rest of your account to maximize on the good performance you’re seeing. Should you see poor performance initially, it is recommended to not launch across the rest of your account and turn off the creative in the test ad sets.
  3. New Purchaser AudienceOnce you hit 1,000 purchases of your new product, we recommend uploading that seed list to build a lookalike off of it. This lookalike group will likely be a lot more qualified to buy the new product and should definitely be tested.
  4. Pay attention to your ad commentsYou should always be looking at the comments on your ads to see if there is a common theme. You can take these common themes and adjust ad copy to answer people’s questions before they ask, and help improve ad engagement.

Share your thoughts on launching new products on Facebook in the comments below!

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