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Tips for Developing a Successful Media Mix

Published: October 28, 2019

Author: Sara Henderson

Marketing strategies have changed drastically in the past 10 years; that much is obvious. Organizations continue to use a generalized approach through broadcast marketing such as television commercials and radio, both of which provide branding and name-recognition platforms. Digital marketing works to narrow down targeting and focus the message on users likely to be interested or already interested in the product or service offered.
For the latter approach, acquisition costs are higher, but so is quality. This is because digital marketing works to meet specific consumers where they are spending their time. Below are three tips designed to make the most out of targeted digital advertising.

Utilize a media mix to find channels that work for your vertical

Digital marketing covers a vast expanse of advertising strategies. Narrowing down which channels to use is instrumental in ensuring you are targeting the most qualified users for your product or service.

Use social media to reach a variety of consumer types.

Demographics and consumer type vary by channel. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are host to a variety of users with different intentions. Standard demographic information such as age, gender, and location should be considered, as each platform specializes in a particular range. Additionally, the platform’s intent should be taken into consideration.
Although all platforms mentioned above connect users, LinkedIn focuses on job search and industry information sharing, Pinterest is the DIY hub, and Facebook is a more generalized platform that encourages users to post a variety of content. The user’s intent on the site, therefore, will affect their response to the ad and type of product/service offered. For example, higher education opportunities or B2B SaaS services would perform well in front of a LinkedIn audience, while e-commerce companies should consider Pinterest and Facebook.

Intent-based paid search campaigns let you know the type of user interested in what your company has to offer.

Similar to social media, users on search channels have a degree of intent, although their intent is more actionable and easier to measure. For example, it’s obvious what a Google user searching for “womens red shoes” is looking for. An advertiser selling women’s red shoes can then easily place a text or image ad in front of those users as they are browsing to purchase. Further, using demographic analyses from search channels can give you a head start on where to focus social efforts.

Utilize audiences for targeted campaigns

Using this demographic information taken from paid search and social campaigns, you can then create specialized audiences to use your advertising budget efficiently and effectively. Both paid search and social platforms allow you to target users based on interests, demographics, and their interactions with your website or company. This allows for more targeted campaigns for qualified users.
Further, you may find that the searches that bring users to your site are not what you assumed. For example, say you are an interior decorating company and your top-selling baby safety gate is being sold to users searching for “pet gate”. You’re able to see the intention of users who purchase your products and can find previously untapped markets and growth opportunities.

Secure consumers at every step with down-the-funnel marketing

Once a user base is created, you can move potential consumers down the conversion funnel through retargeting and retention efforts. There are a variety of ways to do so based on your company’s vertical. For example, leads can be nurtured through LinkedIn direct InMail, Gmail, or Facebook image ads with messaging outlining key differentiators. For e-commerce, former purchasers can be shown a new product lineup and cart abandoners can be targeted with discounts to encourage them to complete the sale. These efforts can be completed on both the search and social side, allowing for a strong media mix while maintaining a targeted audience of qualified users.
Digital marketing encompasses a variety of user experiences and industry opportunities. Finding, converting, and maintaining consumers are three separate techniques and digital marketing helps to shape strategies for each stage. Targeting specific audiences with the right media mix is a difficult balance but finding qualified users where they are spending their time can help you to optimize your marketing budget.

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