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The World According to AdWords, Part 4: Reality TV

Published: August 8, 2012

Author: Jaime Sikora

The World According to AdWords series returns with a guilty-pleasure installment: Reality TV! (Check out past episodes on social media, gadgets, and college majors.)
In the spirit of watching reality TV, read these 90-character specials with candy and/or a cocktail. Be snarky. Or just let your brain go limp and enjoy.

American Idol
Over 200K Aspiring Singers & These
Were The Best. Scary, Huh?
America’s Got Talent
Proof That Sometimes There’s Just
No Truth In TV Show Titles.
Real Housewives Of….
Feel Envious of Others’ Lives &
Grateful For Your Own, All At Once.
The Kardashians
Try To Uncover the Biggest Mystery:
Why America Cares About This Family
The Deadliest Catch
For Those Who Prefer Adventure From
The Comfort of Their Own Couch.
Watch Jersey Shore
In Case Real Housewives Made You
Feel Lower-Class – This Will Help.
The Bachelor
25 Pretty Girls, 1 Ring, 0 Pride
Aired for All of America to See.
The Apprentice
Your Boss & Workplace Will Appear
Better After 1 Episode, Guaranteed!
America’s Next Top Model
Get Inspired to Lose Weight & IQ
Points With Every Week’s Episode.
Dancing with the Stars
They May or May not be “Dancing”;
They May or May not be Stars.

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