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The Value of Testing Ad Copy Across Various Channels

Published: January 18, 2019

Author: Mary Jane Morris

Creating compelling ad copy is vital in the world of PPC advertising. Marketers are constantly testing new phrases and re-wording ad copy to increase engagement and grow customers. As we all know, ad copy is a huge influence on the success of your ad. After all, it is the main component of what potential customers are viewing.
Creating ad copy, testing it, and finding out which version performs well is just the beginning.
Let’s say you’ve come up with ad copy, tested it, and seen strong performance with several conversions (or whatever KPI you’re measuring). Naturally, you’ll want to serve that top-performing ad as much as possible. One option would be to do this through testing it on another platform.

Testing in Other Platforms

This is an exact scenario of what we recently did at 3Q Digital. We took our highest-performing ad copy from Facebook and tested it in Google Ads. After a few weeks of running the copy in Google Ads, we evaluated our data and saw some interesting finds. The ad that resulted in a high click-through rate and a high conversion rate in Facebook yielded few clicks, served few impressions, and had a very low conversion rate in Google Ads. This is an important finding since it revealed stark differences in performance across the platforms.

Search vs. Social Advertising

Now, not only do we as marketers need to create compelling copy, we also need to have a solid understanding of which platforms particular ad copy will work well on. As to be expected, it will take time and several tests to understand and spot any similarities in high-performing and poor-performing ads.
Here are some questions to consider when determining which platform you should test on:

  • Do you notice that your audience on Facebook reacts to posts, yet your audience in Google ads often clicks to your landing page? The ad copy can help to determine which platform it will work well on.
  • Does my ad copy require an image to be effective? Test it on a social platform.

  • Does the copy exemplify a straightforward call-to-action that directs to a sign-up page? Maybe it will perform well as a search ad.

Although it is hard to compare like for like campaigns between search and social advertising platforms, comparing the similarities and differences in performance can help you to better understand what ad copy performs best per platform.

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