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The New LinkedIn – Give its High-Powered Targeting a Try

Published: May 15, 2018

Author: Abel Tesfa

LinkedIn is a vast network that connects professionals through an online platform. If you’re looking to expand digital marketing efforts in the B2B market beyond text ads, you might want to consider LinkedIn ads.
This channel gives you the capability to promote your company to the ideal audience that best fits your product or service. You can target audiences on desktop, mobile, and tablet to accomplish a number of goals – whether they be to drive awareness, gather leads, or garner downloads of your company’s content to guide users through the long B2B purchase funnel.
If you tried advertising on LinkedIn years or even months ago, you might be surprised by its capabilities. Yes, it has higher CPCs on average than most other platforms, but there are plenty of features that make it worthy of a test.

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting on LinkedIn allows you to be as broad or as granular as you want when setting up campaigns. When setting up a campaign on LinkedIn, advertisers are given a wide number of options to choose from in order to achieve their ideal audience. This type of targeting allows B2B companies to test out various factors (job titles, company size, company industry, etc.) – far beyond the capabilities of other digital marketing engines.

This segmentation allows advertisers to test several audiences with different ad messaging or creatives. Let’s dive into an example of a custom audience on LinkedIn.

Job Title Targeting

A good start when attempting to find the ideal audience for your company is by utilizing job title targeting. Most B2B companies know exactly who their target industry is and the job titles associated with their core customers. Having this knowledge is key to gaining the most from job title targeting. When setting up your LinkedIn campaign, you have the capability to include or exclude any job title that is present on the network. Below is an example of an audience targeted by multiple job titles in the same industry.

This example focuses on a specific industry (Graphic Design) and then targets specific jobs within that industry. Once you’re finished, LinkedIn gives an estimate of how many people are being targeted in the custom audience. From there, advertisers can complete their campaign or make more edits to the audience set forth.

Considerations Before Venturing into LinkedIn


  • LinkedIn CPCs can fluctuate higher when compared to Google or Bing depending on the audience you target, so be prepared for higher minimum bids just for your ads to show.
  • LinkedIn can spend 20% over the daily budget set, which can be problematic if you are budget-capped. Setting a lower daily budget will help you avoid this.


  • Depending on the audience selected, LinkedIn performance can vary. Popular industries that are normally targeted by B2B companies may see a lower click-through rate (CTR) due to steep competition. Compelling ad creatives and messaging can aid in combating this.

Audience Testing

  • When testing different custom audiences, it is best practice to use them in separate campaigns to measure the validity of success.
  • Sponsored Content Ads are a good start since these ads show up in the LinkedIn feed, which will increase the chance of a user viewing and clicking (as compared to LinkedIn Text Ads or Sponsored InMail).

 If you’ve got your expectations in line for what LinkedIn can do, it can be a powerful tool to add to your kit. Happy testing!

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