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The Key to Finding Quality Facebook Interest Targets

Published: May 8, 2015

Author: Rebecca Soderholm

If you are running out of targeting ideas or just have not had much luck in your recent targeting ventures, it is time to seek some help – more specifically, it is time to check out Facebook’s Audience Insights page.
The Audience Insight page is a great place to easily find common themes of people connected to your Facebook page because it compares the people connected to your page against the Facebook audience as a whole.  You can use this information to recognize what demographics and interests are more prominent for your brand. However, if you are seeking to improve your interest targeting, the most useful section of the Audience Insights page is Page Likes.
In the Page Likes tab, Facebook breaks down what pages your followers are most likely to be connected to. Knowing and targeting these pages can be useful because they tend to have a similar audience to your current Facebook audience, which results in them being more likely to want your product.
ds_2 ds_3The top section divides the different page likes into categories, which is helpful if you want a ready-to-go targeting group with a theme. However, the more useful portion is below, where the pages are separated individually. This area is a convenient place to explore when you want to create a group that contains the best possible Facebook pages for your brand to target.
ds_1In this section Facebook not only highlights pages that have similar audiences to our own, but also ranks each page with an affinity score.  Facebook’s definition of an affinity score is “How likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everyone else on Facebook,” so it is key to helping you determine which pages are best to target.  Obviously the larger the affinity score the better, but to ensure you have a quality audience, I would recommend choosing one with a score of 10 or above.
I recently tested an audience I created from the Page Likes tab out on Facebook and have had great success this past month. In my test, I combined two pages from my Audience Insights page in the targeting group, one that had a huge affinity score of 47x and one that had an affinity score of 9.7x. Within the first week of launching this new target, leads increased by over 30% and have stayed decently consistent. Of those leads, some were soon converted into order completions that had an AOV over 40% larger than the AOV over the whole account. CVR also improved throughout the account thanks to the page like audience, which varied from being 13% to 50% higher than the account average CVR. The average CPA lowered by 65% within the first full week of running, and still drives the lower CPA numbers today.
The easy conclusion? It is time to check out your Audience Insights tab and see what it can do to improve your account.

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