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The Importance of Ad-to-Landing Page Continuity

Published: April 26, 2013

Author: Franco Puetz

Long gone are the days where anyone advertising a product or service on Facebook should mass-invite all of their friends to boost the number of Likes on their page. Having a huge number of fans on your page is incredibly unimpressive if those users are not engaging with your brand.
facebook ad engagement rate
You’re better than this!
Don’t get me wrong, having a large following can have great branding implications, but users’ perceptions of brands is constantly changing. Providing consistent and repeated value is steadily becoming critical in the evolving marketplace. Relevancy is such a huge factor in the continued engagement on your Facebook page; as such, we must take care to ensure the information we are putting in front of our users is relevant to them.
It is time for Facebook advertisers to get more sophisticated with their marketing practices, capitalize on Facebook’s extensive targeting options, and provide true value to users seeking what your company is able to provide.
Aim for Higher Rates of Engagement (Not Just Likes)
Let’s look at one of Visa’s recent Facebook ads:
fb ad visa
The picture is interesting, but their copy has nothing to do with what a user will experience once they ‘Like’ their page. Maybe this explains why their engagement trends follow their page growth so tightly:
engagement rate visa ad
For those of you who need a refresher course on the ‘People Talking About This’ metric, it is essentially a metric that measures the number of unique users who have created a ‘story’ about your page in a seven-day window. When a user ‘Likes’ a page, a story is created.
Visa is essentially buying their engagement rate. Most brands simply cannot afford to do this, which is why we need to be smarter about our advertising practices. The engagement rate of your page is on the line!

Continuity Leads to a Higher Conversion Rate

effective fb ad
While I normally can’t stand ads like this, I must give credit where it is due. The advertiser tells the user receiving this ad impression exactly what they can expect when they click the ad. Lo and behold, on the other side of this ad is a pretty form that has a strong call to action requesting the user’s registration. No one is being misled here, and I am sure that this advertiser has generated a higher conversion rate than most.
Make sure the user sees what is promised in your ad copy once they commit to a click, otherwise you are throwing away clicks and lowering your overall conversion rate.
Another way to look at this; if you raise your conversion rates, that’s extra money you can toss back into your highly effective advertising. Don’t miss this opportunity, especially when it is such low-hanging fruit in many cases. Take a good hard look at your ad copy and ask yourself if you are effectively communicating to your users what they can expect to find on your landing page.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Bad Promoted Posts

Yes, you will likely get a low CPC on an ad like this:
fb like ad
But how do you communicate to your users? The lack of specificity here is going to make it extremely difficult to communicate to the group of users who liked your page, and each irrelevant user is taking up more impression space that could be better served to someone who is actually interested in your product or service.
If you ever decide to amplify the reach of your page post:
facebook promote post
Before you do that, though, be warned that an ad like the “Love America” example, above, will dilute your following with cheap, unengaged likes — which means you could be paying to push your message to a disinterested audience.
It’s time to get smart about the way we build our audiences on Facebook.  Ad continuity is crucial to ensuring higher engagement, conversion rates, and overall relevancy for our users. Be kind to your fans and effectively communicate what is on the other end of that click.
– Franco Puetz

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