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The Fundamentals of Reaching the Right Audience

Published: August 21, 2012

Author: Audrey Cueto

Spending money wisely should always a priority when it comes to online ad campaigns. There are a lot of rules you need to follow to ensure you are carrying out an efficient and effective ad campaign. One aspect that you can’t afford to forget is how to reach the right audience. After all, they’re the ones who bring in all your conversions! Check out these two tips on how to reach the right audience using the tools available on the Facebook ads platform.
Make full use of the targeting settings.
There are half a billion active Facebook users, so it’s normal to want to reach out to as many users as you can. The more the merrier, right? Not in this case. Facebook users value relevant ads that incite genuine engagement, so there’s no point in wasting money on campaigns with a broad Facebook reach. When you create your Facebook ad campaign, know your target audience. Learn who they are and what they want.
One of the great things about Facebook is that you are able to manipulate your settings – demographic, location, interests – to target a much more granular set of users than most online advertising platforms:
FB ad settings
FB ad targetingAt first glance, reaching over 160 million people nationwide seems like a great idea. However, after giving it some thought, you’ll realize that it’s best for your campaign to favor quality over quantity.  You don’t want to spend money on invaluable clicks and impressions. It doesn’t make sense to display your ads to an audience who has no interest in what you’re offering – but it does makes sense if you test a broader audience by related degrees (e.g. if a coffee ad worked in Seattle, try it in Portland…and if 18-to-24-year-olds liked it, try the 25-to-29-year-old set!).
Facebook is all about interaction and engagement. The goal is to get people to click on your ad, but at what cost? Get more bang for your buck by using Facebook’s target audience functionality. Facebook allows you to target anyone based on any combination of gender, age, education, interests, geography, and career.
These tools are your best friends, and depending on how many campaigns you want to run, you may need to invest in a tool that’s scalable. SearchForce, for example, allows you to define a wide range of specific segments and optimize each one individually, resulting in a boost in ROI. Having a tool that’s scalable allows you to spend more time on analytics than campaign management.
Either way, Facebook’s ad creation tool gives you the opportunity to forget about the whole “one size fits all” mantra, so take advantage of it! Sometimes less is more.
Tailor your ads for the perfect fit.
Now that you’ve targeted the right audience, you can tailor your ads accordingly. Based on some research you’ve already done (which should include some A/B testing!), you should have a good idea of which ads have worked effectively.
The text of your ad must be relevant to its audience. Even though you have already aggressively segmented your target audience, remember that what works for one segment may not be as successful as the other.
poor sample ad
This Facebook ad clearly isn’t a winner. For a real estate listing, the ad copy could definitely use more descriptive text. The image could also be a clear picture of the house that is for sale. More importantly, this ad should be tailored to adhere to the target audience’s interest. For example, if you’ve had historical success with your real estate ads in California, you’ll probably want to include “Good real estate for great prices!” somewhere in the ad copy, considering real estate can get pretty expensive in California. If your audience in Washington has shown more interest in real estate ads pertaining to square footage, you should include that information in your ad copy for that particular segment.
Applying these two strategies will ensure your Facebook campaigns get a good return and will ensure your ads will be displayed to the right people, giving your campaign more value in the future. While these tips play an important role in your Facebook campaign, they’re not the only rules that will keep them running successfully. The success of your Facebook campaign is dependent upon how you apply all the important rules you’ve learned too.
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