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The Experts Predict: Facebook Marketing in 2013

Published: December 13, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

Facebook predictions 2013What will become of Facebook in the coming year? Our experts weigh in with predictions on what we can expect for the platform in the months ahead. Enjoy, and happy 2013!
The Facebook Ad Network will land in 2013 – a rival to adSense, this product will present the first real threat to Google’s publisher-facing business. Publishers will use it to monetize their sites by displaying Facebook ads. Advertisers will use the Facebook ads web UI to target very specific audiences outside of the Facebook environment. Displaying Facebook ads outside of Facebook itself means the ads will be seen instead of mostly ignored, increasing CTRs to levels comparable to what we expect from well targeted display advertising. – Marc Poirier, Acquisio
FB ads on photosConsidering that the majority of activity that occurs on Facebook is viewing photos, and considering their acquisition of Instagram, Facebook will take on more emphasis of sharing photography. It will become more Pinterest-like, possibly even acquiring the photo-posting site. For advertisers, we’ll need a way to target PPC ads on image pages (see above) based on criteria like image caption, photo tags, shares, likes, etc. on any given photo. – Lisa Raehsler, Big Click Co.
We will see a new way to bid on ads in addition to CPC and CPM: bidding by specific Facebook action. For example, an advertiser will be able to bid at a cost per page like, photo view, page post like, etc. – Melissa Addison, Rimm-Kaufman Group
My prediction is that we’ll see more and more ads. Facebook doesn’t want to alienate their audience, but they will find more ways to monetize their one-billion-person following. – Dan Slagen, HubSpot
I think Facebook is likely to expand the inventory offered on the Facebook Exchange and open it up to additional partners. Based on the initial success of FBX, expansion would be a logical  next step. – Caroline Watts, Retargeter
My prediction is that custom audience targeting will be the most powerful feature for direct marketers, but that it will take two years before people understand how to do it, since it takes some programming expertise. – Dennis Yu, BlitzMetrics
A lot more news feed ads! – Rob Leathern, Optimal
I think it would be a fantastic move for Facebook to split up their campaigns one level deeper, similar to AdWords:  Campaigns > AdGroups > Ads.  Making a more organized interface for the advertisers would be a wonderful way to attract new business. – Franco PuetzVeterans United Home Loans
I see Facebook unveiling a CRM, if they really want to make money. The whole thing can be totally hashed, since they have the user already entering most of the personal data they need for an average CRM, and can therefore hide it from retailers and vice versa. Retailers can use it to take out buys and create marketing plans against demographics they do well with. Datalogix is working with them to create something similar to this (view-through marketing), so it seems like the next logical step. – Dan Wilkerson, LunaMetrics
I predict a gradual influx of open-graph sponsored stories to replace right-hand-side ads as the predominant driver of actions in the world of desktop and mobile apps. – Jon Oberlander, Ampush
A Facebook Display Network! – David Rodnitzky, PPC Associates
Did we say Happy New Year yet? Because we mean it. Thanks for reading, and best wishes for a great start to 2013!

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