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The Etymology Of A Social Mention

Published: March 13, 2012

Author: Todd Mintz

I do a lot of socializing on Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook, and from time to time, people ask me about where I find my stuff that I share or how I think up what I chat about. So, I thought it might be interesting if I really dug deep into a particular social mention that I made…
todd mintz social mention
Note that above, I linked to this page showing 101 photos of our SearchFest Keynote Speaker Wil Reynolds.
So here’s the scoop:
Prior to Wil’s keynote at Portland’s SearchFest, SEMpdx President Hallie Janssen (pictured in some of the photos) introduced Thomas Hayden to the audience. Thomas is one of the several “Google Approved” photographers in the Portland area, and he is participating in Google’s program to bring Google Street View off the street and into select businesses. He talked about Google’s program before Wil took the stage; after he finished speaking, he moved off to the side and began taking a large number of pictures of Hallie introducing Wil and of Wil’s especially dynamic keynote.
Without any disrespect to Thomas (and probably because I’m a photo neophyte), I thought that posting 101 reasonably similar photos of one singular event seemed like huge overkill. However, since I’m an SEMpdx Board Member, and Wil’s keynote was especially excellent and deserving of many props, I still wanted to socialize the photo album – however, I wanted to think of a somewhat snarky way to do it.
So I began to free associate…when thinking about the photo montage, what ideas came to mind?
I seized upon a memory of a documentary that I watched on cable perhaps four years ago. Jandek on Corwood (yes, I misspelled it above) was about a reclusive folk musician who developed a cult following for his unique brand of music. Part of his “mystique” consisted of making himself almost totally invisible and his music extremely hard to find.
Somehow, I made a strong connection between Thomas’ photos of Wil Reynolds and Jandek’s series of album covers. A quick look through Jandek’s discography shows an amazing album art similarity…even for albums many years apart.
For example, this is Jandek’s album cover of “Lost Cause” from 1992:
early Jandek
This is “Shadow Of Leaves” from 2004:

later Jandek

If you scan his entire discography of over 30+ years of music, all of the photos featuring Jandek look like they were taken over a very short period of time, and all have the same look and feel to them.
I guess the photo montage seemed very Jandekian to me…which led me to post what I did…the words of which were understood by nobody but me…until now.
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