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The Color Attribute: A Hidden Source of Increased Shopping Impressions

Published: October 18, 2018

Author: Max Logan

Feed optimization is the great gold mine for anyone working with Google Shopping. Once you have found the right bidding approach and created the perfect product group structure for your account needs, the natural next question tends to be: how can I get my feed to help me get my ads served more?
Testing different title lengths is a common approach, along with making sure your product descriptions contain terms with high search volume. But something to consider, especially for those in the Apparel industry, is how you are using color values in the feed.
It may seem like the most logical approach to have the color in your product titles match the color you are using on your landing page. But if your products use more descriptive colors (“evening” for example), we have found that you can help broaden the searches you are relevant for by replacing niche colors with the most commonly searched color (“black”). The color value on your landing page still comes into play: Google recommends that you implement that specific color in the Color Attribute of your feed.
We recently tested this approach with a women’s apparel retailer using the following approach:

  • Population
    • Dividing all products into 2 groups based on the number of impressions over the past 14 days

  • Control group
    • Product Title: Descriptive color
      • Example: Maxi Dress in Evening
    • Color Column: Commonly searched color
      • Example: Black
  • Test
    • Product Title: Replace descriptive color with a commonly searched color
      • Example: Maxi Dress in Black
    • Color Column: Replace commonly searched color with descriptive color
      • Example: Evening
  • Metric for measuring performance
    • Impressions, as we are looking to measure whether we receive more search opportunities

  • Results: After two weeks of testing, we found that the test group had driven 8% more impressions, a statistically significant lift over the control group.

If you are looking to test out this for your account but you have many products that change regularly, a feed management platform (we use ProductsUp) that allows you to create rules that modify your feed will make this process significantly easier. I recommend you start testing now to help position your products for more impressions as the holiday surge hits.

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