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The Case for Third-Party Facebook Marketing Applications

Published: January 25, 2013

Author: Marc Levesque

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For many marketers, one of the most challenging parts of managing Facebook ads is simply using the interface they have provided, which appears to be an attempt at making the entire process as slow and painful as possible.
Where Facebook fails, others have picked up the slack and have created applications that can be used to help you speed up and enhance your Facebook marketing activities. I’ll not recommend any by name here, in the interests of partiality, but a quick Google search will, I’m sure, satisfy any curiosity you may have by the time you’ve finished this article. Here are three reasons to use third-party applications for your Facebook marketing activities.
Specific Targeting at Scale – Faster
In order to most effectively target specific groups, it may be necessary to create hundreds, if not thousands, of advertisements. Can you imagine having to upload thousands of ads using Facebook’s existing system? By the time you got them done, the opportunity may have actually expired. Time is often of the essence in marketing, and so tools that can help you achieve this are a godsend, to say the least.
If you have campaigns that are targeting the entire U.S. right on down to the area where they live, you can end up with a lot of work in front of you. If you can find a tool that helps you to do this quickly, you’re way ahead of your competitors on several different levels.
It can also be a great strategy to send those who have clicked on your ads to landing pages on Facebook that are tailored specifically to them, so tools that also feature this functionality are a Facebook marketer’s best friend.
Tracking Large-Scale Results
Once you have released a plethora of advertisements into the wild, you’ll need a tool that allows you to track those results on a large scale. Campaigns with ads that perform poorly will see dramatic drops in Quality Score quickly, based even on the poor results of just one ad. Find tools that allow you to track those results so that you can ensure the overall success of your campaigns.
Tracking Actual Results
It’s one thing to see the ROI of your Facebook campaigns and completely another to have an understanding of how your Facebook efforts are affecting the rest of your marketing channels. You might, for example, come out even (or even behind) on your Facebook ads, but find that those who have seen your ads on Facebook have performed a search for your brand later on. Or, perhaps, they saw your ad twice on Facebook, then another time on the Google Display Network, and ended up clicking the third time.
Tools that allow you to track the evolution of a sale are key to online marketing when utilizing multiple channels, and the way to be effective in marketing is to be ubiquitous, for your brand to be in front of and on the minds of your target audience as much as possible.
One note: I would not suggest that one use third-party applications for posting updates to Facebook. Research has shown that using these applications will actually lower your level of engagement with your users. Why does Facebook do this? There’s no real answer other than it is most likely that they want as many people as possible ON Facebook so that they can keep them there for a little while longer. It’s a bit like a loyalty reward, I suppose.
That said, there are tools out there for marketers to get control over their advertising needs on Facebook and really let you get the word out as quickly and effectively as possible. Find out as much as you can about what’s available and take advantage of the work that has been done by others that Facebook was unable to do for us.
– Marc Levesque, Webrunner Media

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