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Testing Link Sharing Ads Against Embedded Rich Media Ads in an Instant Whitepaper Download Campaign

Published: April 11, 2017

Author: Carolanne Hornung

In our last LinkedIn Sponsored Content article, we discussed the results of Link Sharing ads and Embedded Rich Media ads in a brand awareness campaign. (If you missed that article, you can read it here.) In this article, we’re going to discuss the results we saw when testing Link Sharing ads against Embedded Rich Media ads in an instant whitepaper download campaign.

In this campaign, users did not have to fill out a form to download the whitepaper; clicking the link automatically brought the users to the PDF of the whitepaper. Unlike our first test for the client that focused on brand awareness and promoted a customer success story, this campaign focused on specific features of the company’s service. The creative in this campaign had simple graphics that highlighted three key features of the service, and the creative had eye-catching green accents on the otherwise black and gray background.


We can see that difference in spend here is smaller between both ad types, unlike the results we saw in our brand awareness test. However, since this test is not a proper A/B test and we’re unable to direct the spend, there is still a disparity in spend amounts.
In this test, CTRs and CPCs are much closer, though we can once again see that the Embedded Rich Media ad pushed higher metrics across the board. By telling the audience that the content was an instant download rather than taking them to a form fill, we lowered the amount of commitment users had to make. This means that the additional call-to-action in the Link Sharing ad’s headline wasn’t as effective as it maybe could have been had the content required a larger commitment from the user.
Overall, we believe that the lower amount of commitment needed in addition to the eye-catching green accent color in the creative was largely at play for the Embedded Rich Media ad’s success in this campaign. This ad test is worth testing across different types of content, but keep in mind the effect that your creative, the CTAs, and the type of content will have on the results.
What type of content do you run on LinkedIn? Would you run this test on your campaigns? Let us know in the comments!

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