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Are You Testing Your Dynamic Facebook Ads?

Published: March 18, 2014

Author: Anita Avram

Fun facts: 96% of people leave a website without converting, and 70% of people abandon their shopping cart. Dynamic retargeting is awesome for e­commerce advertisers because it reminds potential shoppers to come back to their site and purchase the exact product they were viewing. Dynamic retargeting helps turn etailers’ products into personalised Facebook ads so that your visitors can get a more intimate, personalised ad experience that drives them to convert.


While it’s great to show your website visitors personalised images and text, how do you know that they’re being framed in the best way possible? Are your dynamic ads optimised to get the most clicks and conversions possible?
Like every other tool in your marketing funnel, you need to test, test test. By trying out different combinations of images and texts, advertisers can figure out the recipe to increases in their click-through rates and conversions while decreasing their cost per lead. To give you an idea of the results, some of our advertisers have seen a 400% boost in CTR, 10 to 20% boost in conversion rates and a 30 to 40% drop in CPA.
Our No. 1 tip for creating enticing dynamic ad templates is to keep it simple. When you overpower the ad with too much text, you lose the appeal of the dynamic ad: the personalized experience from seeing the exact product or service viewed on your website.
Advertisers can choose to do dynamic ads on either the Facebook right-hand side, the Facebook News Feed, or both. We would recommend running both types of campaigns to make sure you’re not missing out on valuable impressions. The base structure of dynamic ads is similar for both Sidebar and News Feed ads; there are key differences in how you should approach creating one versus the other.
What kind of information should you include in the headline? If you include dynamic information in your headline, should the body text be static? Should I implement the same strategy for both Sidebar and News Feed ads?
The text limits with Sidebar ads are restrictive. We recommend keeping the headline text static with a short call to action.  Save the dynamic variables like the name of the product and the price for the body text, like the ad below:

When you’re working with dynamic News Feed ads, you have room to be more creative. You can include macros for the name of the product, the price, or the category of the product in three different fields: the headline, the message text at the top, or the body. Should you include the name of the product and price in the headline? Should you include any dynamic text in the body? Again, you will need to test, test, test to figure out what combination works best for you.


If you’re a marketer, don’t leave money on the table by not doing A/B testing of your dynamic ad creatives. Platforms like Perfect Audience let you figure out how to get best ROI from your Dynamic Facebook retargeting. Track ROI by viewing your actual sales and conversions. If you’re getting the results you want, you can easily boost your budget to target even more potential shoppers.

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