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Targeting 101 for Yahoo Gemini

Published: October 15, 2015

Author: Robert Brady

If you haven’t heard, Yahoo is getting back into the PPC game with Yahoo Gemini. You can read a great summary by John Lee, but know that Marissa Mayer is serious about this so you should be thinking about how Yahoo Gemini fits into your future plans as well.
The upshot of Yahoo Gemini: it’s a native advertising play. For example, if you go to Yahoo.com and scroll down their homepage, you’ll see items that look like news stories but have a small “Sponsored” tag (and usually the picture is on the other side of the column). These are accessed via Gemini, so the closest Google competitor would be their Display network. However, the native format makes the ads much less obvious.
So far, we’ve noted modest volume but very affordable CPCs. My advice to you would be to dive in to stay ahead of the pack, not follow the crowd
To help you through the process, today I’m going to give you the down-low on how audience targeting works in Yahoo Gemini and what options you have. Let’s go!

Gemini Targeting Basics

First, let’s talk about the vanilla targeting options:

-Locations – Basic geotargeting that allows you to add country, city, state, or DMA regions. Under “advanced settings,” which are hidden by default, you can also exclude locations.

-Language – This may be an account-level setting, because the accounts I’m working with only have English listed.

-Age – You can use the “All” bucket that is default or choose any of the other options: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+.

-Gender – Choose from All, Male or Female.

Targeting Interests

Here is where things get interesting – Interests! (Pun intended.)

-Arts and Entertainment

-Books and Literature

-Bookworms (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Entertainment Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games (or Video Games)

-Games – Action (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Card (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Casino (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Casual & Social (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Hardcore/Midcore (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Simulation (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Slots (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Games – Strategy (Flurry – Mobile only)


-Movie Lovers (Flurry – Mobile only)


-Music Lovers (Flurry – Mobile only)


-TV Lovers (Flurry – Mobile only)


-Auto Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Auto Parts



-Electric and Hybrid







-Trucks and Accessories

-Used Autos


-Beauty and Personal Care

-Face and Body Care

-Hair Care


-Business Computing

-Business Finance

-Business Professionals (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Business Services

-Human Resources


-Small Business Owners (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Transportation and Logistics



-Career Training

-College and University

-Continuing and Adult Education

-K to 12 Education

-Language Learning

-Family and Parenting

-Babies and Toddlers

-Moms (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Parenting & Education (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Parenting School-Age Kids


-Food and Drink

-Coffee and Tea

-Cooking and Recipes

-Desserts and Baking

-Dining Out

-Dining Out – Fast Food

-Food & Dining Lovers (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Health and Low-Fat Cooking

Health and Fitness

-Chronic Pain

-Dental Care


-Health & Fitness Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Men’s Health


-Weight Loss

-Women’s Health

-Hobbies and Interests

-Arts and Crafts

-Home and Garden



-Gardening and Landscaping


-Home & Garden Pros (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Home Design Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Home Repair

-Home Theater

-Interior Decorating

-Remodeling and Construction

-Law, Gov’t and Politics

-Legal Issues

-Politics and Commentary


-Financial News

-News & Magazine Readers (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Personal Finance

-Credit and Debt



-Mutual Funds

-Personal Finance Geeks (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Retirement Planning

-Tax Planning



-Cat Lovers (Flurry – Mobile only)


-Pet Owners (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Real Estate

-Buying and Selling Homes

-Real Estate Followers (Flurry – Mobile only)





-Catalog Shoppers (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Contests and Freebies


-Fashionistas (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Grocery Shoppers (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Value Shoppers (Flurry – Mobile only)



-Hipsters/Urban (Flurry – Mobile only)


-Senior Living

-Social Influencers (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Spanish Speakers (Flurry – Mobile only)




-Action Sports

-American Football Fans (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Auto Racing

-Avid Runners (Flurry – Mobile only)





-Fitness Sports



-Hunting and Shooting

-Ice Hockey

-Martial Arts


-Outdoor Sports



-Sports Fans (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Water Sports

-World Soccer

-Style and Fashion





-Technology and Computing

-Antivirus Software

-Cameras and Camcorders

-Cell Phones

-Computer Networking

-Computer Peripherals

-Digital Audio


-Engineering Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Internet Technology

-Network Security

-PC Support

-Photo & Video Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Portable Entertainment

-Programming Languages

-Social Media and Networking

-Tech Gadget Enthusiasts (Flurry – Mobile only)



-Air Travel


-Australia & New Zealand

-Budget Travel

-Bus and Rail

-Business Travel

-Business Travelers (Flurry – Mobile only)




-Family Travel


-Leisure Travelers (Flurry – Mobile only)

-Mexico and Central America

-South America

-S. Travel

As you can see, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. The categories provided by Flurry come from their mobile analytics. What audiences could you put together with these options?

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