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Target Clients with a Well Designed Landing Page

Published: June 10, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

Running an online landing page campaign for the service you offer, or for the product you sell is way easier than you may think it is. Online landing page creation & optimization platforms let you generate landing pages by dragging & dropping elements and customizing them to the campaign’s specific needs. Even after launch day – it’s easy to edit your page’s design or content, and optimize it towards a higher conversion rate by performing some A/B tests.
Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, it is, just as long as you keep some basic principals in mind before you go to publish your landing page.
You want to make sure your landing page properly represents your business profile and projects the right notion about it. Keep in mind that your landing page may be one of the first pieces of information prospects come to learn about your product.


A tremendously important part of your landing page’s success is a tight copy that holds it together and maintains your visitor on the right track to conversion.
Segmenting your market is crucial to your campaign’s success. You want different landing page content for different market segments. Your copy should speak that selected segment’s language, so before writing down your content – make sure you go and do some research work about that market. Find out what are the issues they are really discussing amongst themselves, and not less important: use the words they use.
Writing to prospects about their challenges in the same language they use will get attention much faster than any enticing offer you may have for them. It positions your voice as a credible one, which is vital to get them to take action.
As far as the actual content goes, you need to make sure you:

1. Use a headline that’ll get the reader’s attention.
2. Present a benefit they are likely to want to read about.
3. Create a desire for your solution – this is where you use your credible voice.
4. Propose a compelling offer – one which is easy and low risk to take advantage of.

That treats your landing page’s content structure and flow. As far as the writing tone goes, here are some valuable tips to make sure your readers won’t leave just because you don’t sound authentic, or don’t speak as an equal:

-Aim your words towards an actual person you have in mind. One who faithfully represents your chosen market segment. Convince that person complete your call to action.

-Write to your reader as you would talk to them. Tell them why your offer is good for them.

-Use an active language to make people take action. Tap into their need to resolve an issue they can relate to by using actions that describe what will your solution do for them:

-“Learn how to…”
-“Sleep better at night”
-“Fix your ____ once and for all”

You get the idea.

-Be specific and descriptive while depicting the benefits your offer will help them achieve. A detailed picture is more credible and therefore more persuasive and effective. Describe how your solution helped other people, and where it got them (testimonials is a common way for that).

Writing a persuasive and relevant content is not easy, yet if you get it right for your market segment – you’re definitely on the right track for a high conversion rate!


As far as organizing your landing page goes – try to keep it as tidy as possible. Try to guide your visitors’ eye through the page, while keeping your call to action clear and present at all times. Here is some guidance on taking your landing page to a higher level in terms of flow and organization:
First, imagine disorganization. A mess. Things here and there scattered at random around your desk, around your office. Then imagine that you have a client invited over, and you want them to take advantage of a great service or product that you have to offer. But that service or product is hidden, strewn somewhere within the disorganized mess you’ve created. Do you expect your guest to go on a scavenger hunt until he/she finds what you want to offer? How long do you imagine it will take before your valued visitor growls in frustration, gives up, and leaves?
Your business landing page cannot be disorganized. Nothing can be left to chance. If visitors don’t immediately find the information necessary to take them step by step – from your headline to your call to action, you’ll lose them. You’ll lose them in seconds.
That’s money walking away.
Consider the users’ experience when they hit your landing page. You must lead them in an orderly fashion to where you want them to go. You’ve got to contour your content in such a way that their eye continues reading, continues moving toward your goal.

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