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Are you taking full advantage of Audience Insights? 

Published: November 17, 2014

Author: Molly McCarty

Aside from being an important tool used to learn more about people who have already liked your page, it can also be used to help guide your future targeting initiatives. Below are my two favorite ways to use Audience Insights:

1. Get a better understanding of your custom audiences
For ecommerce accounts, I like to look at the difference between people who have signed up to receive emails but have not purchased. Usually the differences are small (a slight change in the key age range, for example), but it helps me determine who to target for our DR campaigns. If I see that 26% of people who receive emails but have not purchased are between the ages of 18-24, but on the purchaser list, that number dropped to 21, I will adjust my age targeting to start at 25.
2.. Know the pages most frequently liked by fans of your page.
These connections are invaluable tools when trying to reach your core audience. I will often create a 5% Lookalike audience and layer in the top 3-5 pages that have the highest affinity. This allows me to utilize larger Lookalike audiences while still hitting my core audience. This layering also works if you are doing FoF targeting. Target friends of your fans who have liked the pages most commonly liked by fans of your page.
Device pile
If you are doing a lot of mobile targeting, Audience Insights will let you know what kind of device your users most frequently access Facebook on. This is important when choosing the appropriate creative (if you are unable to do Android and iPhone creative) for mobile-specific ads. For example, if I were running advertising for a company that sells cellphone cases, I would want to have creative for both Android and mobile. If that weren’t possible, I would look in Audience Insights to learn which device is most popular and choose to work on that creative.
All brands use Audience Insights at varying levels and frequencies, but it is important to at least look at the information available. What are some of your favorite uses?

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